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For more than 20 years, Lexicon Medical Supply has provided professional-grade products, supplies, and equipment to medical providers and individual consumers across the U.S.  Family-owned and operated from the heart of Tucson, Arizona, the company is rooted in quality service and reliability, constantly listening to customer needs and expanding inventory to meet evolving demands. Committed to tracking down the “hard-to-find,” Lexicon is always happy to go the extra mile for their customers.

After encountering major roadblocks with their Shopify store, Lexicon was in need of a new online platform designed with their B2B and B2C client needs front-and-center. IntuitSolutions jumped into the challenge to build a modern and high-converting ecommerce site – BeyondSurgicalSupply.com – that keeps new and existing customers engaged and, most importantly, the online business fully operational. 

The Challenge: Held Back by Platform Limitations

In early 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Lexicon faced a devastating predicament: Shopify had shut down their online store without reason or advance notice. Unfortunately, Lexicon was one of many Shopify stores selling masks, hand sanitizers, and other COVID-19 supplies that reported the same issue. 

Aside from the obvious technical issues that shuttered their online store, Lexicon’s old website left much to be desired in terms of design. The site was narrow, challenging to navigate, and highlighted only a handful of the store’s thousands of products. Visitors had to click several times to find the full array of product categories, which lacked intuitive filtering capabilities.

With customer demand for COVID-19 supplies soaring, Lexicon needed a stable and scalable solution that would help customers to find and purchase products quickly, easily, and without disruption.

“It’s best practice to plan on rebuilding your website every 3-4 years.”

Despite the clear challenges presented, this created a prime opportunity for Lexacon to revamp its website into a modern, high-converting storefront that catered to B2B and B2C clients from various industries. 

The Solution: A Reliable, Scalable Platform for a Growing Medical Supplier

IntuitSolutions partnered with Lexicon Supply to create a fully responsive website on the state-of-the-art BigCommerce platform. This process was overseen by a dedicated project manager and supported by a full team of in-house experts in ecommerce design and development.

From the outset of the project, a full site migration to the BigCommerce Stencil framework was the clear choice. With several out-of-the-box features, Stencil incorporates the latest best practices in technology, design standards, conversion, and SEO – setting a strong foundation for the growing storefront.

The Design

Our Custom Design & Development team worked closely with Lexicon to craft a modern design and layout that vastly improved the user experience while upholding the company’s established brand identity. While the site layout and navigation got a major facelift, the palette of colors remained unchanged – vibrant blues and greens against a clean, minimal backdrop of white and gray.

As an online supplier stocking thousands of products, having an accessible and organized site navigation is an absolute must. Lexicon’s old site had significantly underutilized space “above the fold,” and potential customers could not see the full breadth of their offerings at glance.

After working through several design iterations, the result is a clean layout anchored by a prominent category sidebar with enhanced sorting capabilities. Additional filtering options are now clearly displayed at the top and sides of each product category page, making it easy for shoppers to quickly locate the exact products they’re looking for.

Additional highlights of the updated site design include:

  • Modernized page header design to help users know exactly where to go when looking for their account login, product search field, and more.
  • Category page design enhancements to make sorting faster. Customers now see secondary filter images at the top of the page to help narrow ideal results quickly.
  • Product page makeover that better organizes product details and specifications.
  • Enhanced scrolling product carousel that suggests related items based on user interaction.
  • Additional call-to-action (CTA) buttons throughout to encourage site engagement.

Homepage Before 

Homepage After

Category Page Before

Category Page After

Custom, Feature-Rich Development

Like all of our custom BigCommerce stores, BeyondSurgicalSupply.com was built using our proprietary “Base Theme.” This theme was developed off of the BigCommerce Cornerstone theme and enhanced by our developers to achieve improved page load speed, Google Core Web Vitals, and SEO results. 

IntuitSolutions’ Base Theme

IntuitSolutions Base Theme

The IntuitSolutions Base Theme comes out of the box with the following features:

  • Significant upgrades to ADA & WCAG accessibility
  • Better 404 crawler instructions
  • Improved ‘Quick Search’ results
  • Resolved native bugs
  • Improved blog layout
  • Photoswipe product image viewer
  • Product data page custom tab
  • Popup login window
  • Image swap on hover
  • Mega menu
  • Improved cart page layout
  • Additional page builder region points
  • Slide out preview cart
  • Slide out search
  • Brand carousel
  • And much more!

Enhanced B2B Solutions 

Businesses that sell B2B like BeyondSurgicalSupply.com often have more complex merchandising and pricing needs than merchants who sell strictly B2C.  For example, a B2B business might only make certain products available to certain companies or negotiate a special rate with regular customers.  Fortunately, B2B Ecommerce Solutions from BigCommerce addresses these aspects with several built-in features on the B2B Edition of its platform.  

Highlights of the enhanced B2B features implemented in this project include:

  • Conditional Content – native customer group functionality shows and hides special rates, certain payment or shipping methods, or products and categories that are only relevant to certain customers.
  • Product Option Grid – allows customers to enter purchase quantities for specific product option combinations and add all products to the cart at once.
  • Reorder Button – allows returning customers to quickly add individual items or entire orders to their cart and check out. 
  • Custom Price Lists – store visitors see the same products but are shown different prices based on the customer group they belong to.
  • Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) – displays pricing only at defined parts of the purchase pipeline, such as after a product has been added to the cart.
  • Interval Quantity – for products sold in bulk, this allows customers to purchase in set quantities and dynamically display the cost per unit along with the product total.
  • Bulk Discount Pricing Table – calculates wholesale or bulk savings in an organized table format.

Streamlined Checkout Experience with Ebizio

The Ebizio Checkout app was also integrated into BeyondSurgicalSupply.com, adding several impactful features to the standard BigCommerce checkout experience. These include:

  • Ship on Account – allows customers to use their existing shipping accounts (e.g. FedEx) when ordering through the merchant’s website.
  • Purchase Order – enables customers to place purchase orders directly through BigCommerce.
  • Customer Group Shipping Rules – for pre-approved customers, allows permissions for freight, shipping, shipping on account, or paying for shipping at a later date.
  • Customer Group Payment Rules – gives permission to existing customers to place orders without submitting immediate payment, or allows them to choose payment methods not available to all customers.

The Results: A Clean, Modern Design that Converts

The owners of BeyondSurgicalSupply.com, Jennifer and Jeff, put their heart into providing an exceptional level of service for their customers, making it especially gratifying helping them see their new website come to life.  The result is an intricately designed storefront that is not only sleek and user-friendly, but also equipped with customized back-end functionality to sustain a growing e-commerce store in a constantly evolving industry.

Working with IntuitSolutions, BeyondSurgicalSupply.com now has a powerful online sales platform, allowing them to focus one providing an exceptional level of service to many customers they serve.

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