Case Study: 40 Hour Redesign of Bill’s Music

40 Hours to a New Look

Bill’s Music is one of the largest independent music stores in America. Their online store was not meeting the standards of today’s web, and so they came to us to create a new up-to-date design that lends itself to an easier user experience. They needed a site that better relayed their category structure, highlighted the search bar, and provided easier navigation to their key offerings. With these goals in mind, we redesigned their BigCommerce store to look both clear and organized, utilizing minimal and utilitarian design principals.

Original Home Page
The original Bill’s Music home page.
Redesigned Home Page
The redesigned home page for Bill’s Music

Putting the User’s Needs First

With the key point of the redesign to make navigating the site easier, we used icons in the header to denote commonly sought information, such as contact info, account info, and a preview of the cart. The search bar is huge component of the header as it is for many the means of entry into the store. Taking this into account, we have made sure that the search page results closely resemble the styling of the category pages themselves, to contribute to a seamless experience for the user.

Design as You Go

The process for the site largely relied on using our previous experiences in designing clean mobile ready designs, with input from the store owner about their demographic and goals. Given the time restraints, the site’s design was done during development, with most design decisions being guided by the development process. Knowing today’s best practices for eCommerce make’s this process streamlined, and allows us to move at a rapid pace.

With a 40 hour turn around time, we have a pleasant, clean, and structured website that is a definite improvement on the original.

Is it Time for a Makeover?

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