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Custom Systems Integrations for Managing Large Catalogs on BigCommerce

BigCommerce systems integration enhancing operational efficiency, amplifying productivity across the corporate landscape.

Ecommerce efficiency goes hand in hand with effectively managing pricing, inventory, and product availability, enabling seamless business operations and exceptional customer experiences. But tying it all together can be challenging for businesses with extensive or constantly changing product catalogs dependent on multiple systems.

Businesses often require custom systems integrations to unify and seamlessly connect the various components supporting their online store. Let’s explore the common challenges merchants face and learn how a tailored BigCommerce integration can provide a comprehensive solution.

The Challenge: Data Exchange Between Disparate Systems

Having an online business that manages a vast product catalog relying on data exchange between external entities can amplify common ecommerce challenges, requiring merchants to:

  • Maintain accurate product data that requires frequent updates.
  • Establish two-way communication with suppliers, drop shippers, warehouses, and other essential third-party providers.
  • Synchronize warehouse availability and lead time, especially for merchants selling across multiple online channels.

Given these challenges, online stores must address critical requirements to keep their business running and provide a superior shopping experience for their customers, including:

  • Real-Time Data Synchronization: Updating product, pricing, and inventory data as changes occur.
  • Bulk Pricing Availability: Implementing dynamic bulk pricing tables for larger-quantity purchases.
  • Transparent Custom Messaging: Communicating accurate product information and shipping lead times to customers.

Many external sources feed into the operations of ecommerce businesses with large catalogs. These sources, often with diverse data formats such as XML, CSV, RSS, and more, provide crucial information, including pricing, inventory, and product availability. Merchants must integrate their online stores seamlessly with these different providers, which can pose a multifaceted, complex process.

Get a Custom Integration for BigCommerce

Say goodbye to technical roadblocks. Experience an ecommerce integration without the headaches.

Client Success Story: Custom Systems Integration for BigCommerce

When weaving together disparate systems to work in harmony, you need an experienced team familiar with the BigCommerce platform and sophisticated system integrations.

Using custom middleware built on IntuitSolutions BigCore technology, our BigCommerce developers performed a custom integration for one of our clients,, to execute the following:

  • Syncs near-real-time with a third-party feed provider and dropshipping partner
  • Requests and processes an XML product data feed from a supplier (FlexFeed)
  • Compares pricing, inventory levels, and availability messaging to the current values in BigCommerce
  • Breaks out pricing into quantity discount tables and updates the individual pricing levels when a change is detected. (E.g.the price for 5 to 10 units changes on a product with bulk pricing rules)
  • Updates inventory levels in BigCommerce when they differ from the feed values
  • Shows lead-time data and related messaging to customers (E.g. a product ships in 1-2 weeks, 2-3 days, etc.)
  • Provides updated logs via a custom-built page in the BigCommerce Management Panel for the merchant to keep tabs on the system

This functionality is “hands-off,” for the merchant, as the integrated system checks for changes as often as the third-party is updates their data. Updates sync to  BigCommerce silently in the background around the clock.

BigCommerce Integration for showing discount bulk pricing table and custom lead time messaging on product page
BigCommerce Systems Integration showing quantity discount table and custom messaging for shipping lead time on

Choose Trusted BigCommerce Partners for Your Systems Integration

For ecommerce merchants managing large or constantly changing product catalogs, success often hinges on adeptly synchronizing data with third-party providers, quickly implementing updates, and ensuring transparent customer communication. Our tailored BigCommerce integration solutions offer the right solution to meet these challenges. 

Ready to streamline your ecommerce operations and enhance your customers’ shopping experience through a custom systems integration? Contact our experienced team today to explore the possibilities and take your online business to the next level.

Get a Custom Integration for BigCommerce

Say goodbye to technical roadblocks. Experience an ecommerce integration without the headaches.

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