Custom BigCommerce Integrations: A B2B Enterprise Case Study

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In B2B ecommerce, the path to success is often paved with a myriad of front- and backend systems working together, each responsible for a critical piece of the operational puzzle—from product management to order fulfillment to shipping logistics and beyond.

The challenge for many merchants is integrating disparate systems to work as a unified whole. For many online sellers, especially enterprise businesses, the solution isn’t as straightforward as adopting pre-built software; it necessitates a custom-tailored integration crafted to meet their business’s unique needs.

In this post, we explore the various backend systems that support B2B ecommerce, common integration challenges, and demonstrate the power of custom solutions through a recent client experience.

The Challenge: Connecting Disparate Backend Systems

Without properly integrated systems, your business can face data silos, operational inefficiencies, and a fragmented customer experience. 

Some of the common systems working together to power your ecommerce store may include:

Effectively bridging these gaps and getting all systems to work in harmony requires a deep technical expertise and understanding of the BigCommerce development ecosystem.

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Client Success Story: A Custom BigCommerce Integration Connecting Multiple Backend Systems

Since 2012, Action Industries, the B2B division of a leading enterprise in the garage door supply industry, has secured a top market position by offering unparalleled service, selection, and manufacturer-direct pricing for B2B clientele.

Relying on ERP (SAP) and PIM (Jasper) for product and order management, the company sought a solution to efficiently manage its data exchange with their B2B BigCommerce store.

Our BigCommerce developers performed a comprehensive integration that connected their ERP (SAP) and PIM (Jasper) systems directly with BigCommerce, utilizing BigCore Technology, our proprietary middleware for BigCommerce

Custom BigCommerce ERP and PIM integration highlights:
Product Flow: SAP → BigCore Middleware → Jasper PIM → BigCommerce
  • On-demand Service reacts to all incoming data from SAP
  • Filters out unrelated data not meant for BigCommerce stores
  • Works to map data to most effective key/value pairs in Jasper PIM
  • Tags prices for Direct-to-Consumer, B2B default pricing, and B2B special pricing
Orders Flow from BigCommerce → BigCore Middleware → SAP
  • Order data is extracted, formatted, and sent to SAP
  • Smart wait/retry system, understanding SAP can get overloaded
Order Status and Shipment Updates: SAP → BigCore Middleware → BigCommerce
  • Creates shipments when SAP sends an update that includes one or more previously unshipped products
  • Associates all products in shipment with the supplied tracking information
  • Order can be placed in a partially shipped status if the entire order is not shipped in one update

Need a Custom BigCommerce Integration? Work with Trusted Ecommerce Experts.

A custom integration between your BigCommerce store and other third-party apps or software to ensure all processes and technologies—from sales and marketing to orders and fulfillment— work together to keep your site running optimally.

When pre-built solutions fall short, a custom BigCommerce integration can provide the necessary solution. 

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Get a Custom Integration for BigCommerce

Say goodbye to technical roadblocks. Experience an ecommerce integration without the headaches.

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