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BigCommerce Enterprise vs. Magento

BigCommerce Enterprise vs. Magento: What is the Best Ecommerce Platform?

When the writing was on the wall for their old e-commerce partner, motorcycle parts and apparel shop Sportbike Track Gear knew that they had to make the jump to a new e-commerce service. As a large-volume, high-inventory shop, they considered both Magento and BigCommerce for their new site, and ultimately chose BigCommerce for their replatforming.

BigCommerce Enterprise Has Less Expensive Development Costs

Sportbike Track Gear had multiple reasons to shy away from Magento. There were just too many moving pieces. BigCommerce was the clear winner when Sportbike Track Gear examined their overall cost breakdown and which service could offer the best package.

By having hosting rolled into the price, and finding an Elite Partner like IntuitSolutions, BigCommerce makes it easy to get the most bang for your buck: Sportbike Track Gear was able to save over $100,000 in development and hosting costs by choosing BigCommerce over Magento.

“We were able to get everything we needed with more reliability, and at a much more affordable price.”
Brian Van, Founder,

“You had to get your Magento Enterprise-Level plan, get a developer, then you had to go have it hosted somewhere,” said company founder Brian Van. “The cost of the development for all the Magento stuff we looked at, it was absolutely astronomical. BigCommerce had a lot of stuff out of the box that would’ve worked quite well, and having a developer like IntuitSolutions to customize it and take it to that next level for us.. I felt that we were able to get everything we needed with more reliability, and at a much more affordable price.”

Replatforming to BigCommerce

Sportbike Track Gear knew that BigCommerce was the solution for their growing business. They needed a service capable of scaling with them and handling the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts, leaving Brian and his crew free to properly handle the day-to-day operations. The built-in capabilities of BigCommerce are always growing, and a perfect fit for Sportbike Track Gear’s model.

Van notes, “By going with BigCommerce, the hosting is there, the codebase is there, the support is there. They’re basically responsible for all of those things that are really important to our business.”

PCI-DSS Compliance

PCI-DSS Compliant Badge

In terms of built-in perks, another huge benefit for Sportbike Track Gear is BigCommerce’s built-in security features. By being PCI-DSS compliant right out of the box, BigCommerce fraud management saves time, energy and money that can then be redirected toward other parts of the business. By lowering the amount of overall fraud on the site, there was less headache and less human hours wasted on managing it.

Furthermore, the sheer number of supported payment gateways allowed Sportbike Track Gear to use those low fraud numbers to find a great match for their business. The results were tangible: BigCommerce fraud protection allowed them to lower their credit card processing fees.

BigCommerce Product Customizations

In addition to a very successful migration, IntuitSolutions helped Sportbike Track Gear drive even more sales with customizations, including the following:

1. Custom Sale / Closeout / Preorder Product Tags

Some BigCommerce themes come with a ‘Sale’ tag for the corners of product listings to differentiate sale items from regular items. Sportbike Track Gear needed more options, so IntuitSolutions implemented a number of different tags based on custom fields including ‘New,’ ‘Closeout’ and ‘Preorder.’ This allows Sportbike Track Gear to have a wider range of visual cues to influence sales and help drive traffic.

Sportbike Track Gear Sale Closeout Tags
Closeout Tags on Sportbike Track Gear.

2. Product Review Videos

Sportbike Track Gear takes pride in personally reviewing and detailing a number of their products through their YouTube channel (which boasts over 2600 videos with 17 million channel views), providing in-depth introductions to items and their features.

Sportbike Track Gear Video Review Available
Video Reviews Available on Sportbike Track Gear.

To highlight products that contain a video review, IntuitSolutions made a custom tag that shows “Video Available” right on the category listing page. This allows for better customer interaction and retention.

3. Product Options on Category Page

IntuitSolutions implemented a category-page thumbnail selector so that the customer can quickly preview multiple colors and styles of a product without needing to click through to the product itself. This is not only visually appealing, but supremely helpful in allowing the customer to preview a number of different styles and color options at a glance, saving time and frustration.

Sportbike Multiple Product Options Category Page
Multiple Product Options on Sportbike Track Gear.

4. Real-Time Product Availability

Thanks to IntuitSolutions, Sportbike Track Gear is now able to offer real-time product availability when selecting an option within a product page. For example, the jacket below has four color options, which will appear crossed out depending on the size selected. Additionally, BigCommerce app InStockNotify allows Sportbike Track Gear customers to enter their email so that they can be informed when the product is back in stock.

Sportbike Track Gear Out of Stock Notification
Sportbike Track Gear Out of Stock Notifications.

Additionally, IntuitSolutions allowed for custom stock notifications per option SKU, whereas normally it is only possible to create a catch-all availability message per base product (i.e., “This product ships in 24 hours,” even if one option won’t actually ship for two weeks). This gives Sportbike Track Gear even more flexibility to give their customers the exact stock information they need.

Increased Conversion Rate has experienced many positives out of their new partner services in BigCommerce and IntuitSolutions, specifically:

  • Increased conversion rate by 21.0%
  • Increased revenue by 42.97%
  • Increased sessions by 16.2%
  • Increased transactions by 40.63%
  • Increased average order value by 1.66%
  • Decreased bounce rate by 1.18%
  • Decreased spam/fraud resulting in lower processing fees

“We’re fairly new to the BigCommerce family and our expectations are to be part of it for a long time.”
– Brian Van,

Interested in becoming a part of the BigCommerce family? Give us a call today and migrate your site with IntuitSolutions!

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