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BigCommerce Custom Development for

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Their Story

This Michigan based company has one mission, to make our lives easier. Inovelli was founded on a basis of wanting to be able to control smart home devices while on-the-go. After three years of panning, developing, scrapping, and restarting, they finally created a custom solution that makes controlling your smart home devices convenient. 

As a company committed to innovation and evolution, they continue to craft the perfect home solutions. They want everyone to have access to the best technology, at an affordable price. Since their products are so unique, it is only appropriate to have a website to match. 

The Problem: Boring Websites

Starting out, Inovelli was on the WordPress platform using the WooCommerce plugin to sell their products. After some time, they realized that they needed a better ecommerce selling solution. With some research, they found BigCommerce to be a great platform for their company. 

Now, they needed a new website. Not just a basic template, something that would really fit their innovative brand. They reached out to a design company that created a very aesthetically pleasing website design that they then brought to IntuitSolutions for development.

The Solution: A Custom Interactive Website

With the design basics laid out, IntuitSolutions took to the board to heighten user experience from average to breath taking. Inovelli was looking to go beyond standard design and interactivity, so we gave them everything they asked for – a completely custom website. Here are some of their top customizations.

Light Switch Scroll Animation

On the homepage, our team decided to do a custom scroll animation with Inovelli’s newest products, red dimmer series switches. The animation makes the switch image look stationary while the text rolls in. Additionally, the switch images change periodically to display every feature of the series. This really heightens the user experience and makes the website more fun than just looking at a standard image with a block of text next to it.

Dark Mode

Next, we added a dark mode feature that is triggered by toggling one of the light switches or if your local time is after 7pm. See the whole site go from light to dark by the flick of a switch. This brings the interactivity of the website to a whole new level by giving visitors some functionality that they can play around with. 

Slick Sliding Menu

The menu is very unique since it is not your typical full width menu bar. It is a hamburger menu across all devices and slides out into a full page menu with custom hover effects that focus solely on the item. A handful of top level categories have subcategories that are not simply listed below or in a drop down menu, they slide to what looks like another page. 

Other Customizations

Our developers added a handful of other custom features, some of which are: 

  • Category page compare feature that loads in a full page modal with a list of the products’ top features.
  • Custom compare cards on product page to compare Inovelli products to other similar top products on the market.
  • Custom product explode animation when scrolling to see all of the hardware within the switch products.
  • Custom product page tabs that load as a  sticky “nav” bar for product features, reviews, and more.

The Results

Inovelli was looking to move platforms for a better ecommerce experience with an innovative website to match their products. With the help of IntuitSolutions, they received just that and more. Inovelli has a new website that matches their tech brand with unique features and functionality to really show off their smart products. With these custom features, their customers can now interact and see just how smart their products really are. Inovelli plans to stay on a monthly retainer with Intuitsolutions to ensure their website stays up-to-date. 
Interested in a custom BigCommerce website design and development? Contact us today or give us a call at 1-866-901-4650.

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