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BigCommerce Category Page Upgrades

Get and keep your customers’ attention with some beautiful category page upgrades by IntuitSolutions. There are two different kinds of ecommerce visitors: buyers and browsers. Buyers know what they want, they’ve done their research and they are ready to commit to a purchase. Browsers, on the other hand, are more so “seeing what’s out there”; they may not be ready to buy, but they are interested. In our professional opinion, most of the time spent on ecommerce sites is from browsers– visitors paging through your categories and search pages. IntuitSolutions has come up with a few upgrades to the way BigCommerce product listings display that will help convert more browsers into buyers.

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Subcategory Product Display
  • List View and Grid View Toggle
  • Choose Product Options on Category Page.
  • Image Switch on Hover
  • Highlight Your On Sale Products
  • Category Content Exports and Imports

BigCommerce Infinite Scroll

A click is a commitment. Normally on a default BigCommerce site (and most other ecommerce platforms) when a visitor reaches the end of the products listed on a category or search page they will see page numbers along with “previous” and “next” page links. Every time a customer comes across another page number or next button they are being asked to commit to seeing more. Infinite Scroll takes that commitment out of the process by eliminating pagination and automatically showing the next page’s product listings.

Example of Infinite Scroll:

If a browsing visitor is on your site and hasn’t seen something they want to buy yet, you don’t want them to stop looking, you want them to keep browsing. By eliminating the click commitment, infinite scroll provides a psychological advantage that normal category browsing does not. In addition to a psychological advantage, endless scrolling also comes with some practical advantages. Endless scroll does not confuse the customer by forcing them to jump around from one page to another. It also makes it easier for a customer to scroll back and forth between products they may be interested in because they all end up being on one page, compared to visiting each individual category page and viewing 20 to 30 products at a time.

Another practical advantage to infinite scrolling is that there is less time spent loading category pages. The script uses an Ajax call to load only the product listings from the next page, instead of the ENTIRE next page. Faster load times are always an improvement on a visitor’s experience. The faster your pages loads, the better your website is servicing your customer.

BigCommerce Category Product Organization

It’s possible your browsing visitors are looking for products that are buried in a subcategory. IntuitSolutions has developed a script that replaces the current category product listings with product listings pulled from the subcategories of the current category the visitor is viewing. Basically, it displays and organizes products into category groups that are more pleasing for the visitor experience.

The example below shows the same category page. The one on the left is how BigCommerce normally lists products. The one on the left is after implementing our customization that will show subcategory listings in groups.

This customization makes your product offerings more apparent. Instead of seeing one link for a subcategory, the visitor is shown a variety of sets of products from each subcategory. Remember, your customers are going to make only one or two clicks on every page they visit: either a click to another page on your site, or a click off your site. Showing a visitor a variety of options will help keep them on your site and progressing to the next phase of the sales funnel.

BigCommerce List View and Grid View Toggle

This customization implements two links at the top of your category pages that toggle the products listed below between grid and list view. You’ve likely seen this on other ecommerce websites or platforms, but from our experience this feature does not come standard on most BigCommerce templates. We thought, “Why should the merchant have to choose the view the customer wants to see?” so we have developed a script that gives the customer the option to view in grid or list view.


BigCommerce Choose Product Options on Category Page

By default, BigCommerce does not let you choose product options and add a product to your cart from the category page. IntuitSolutions has developed a customization that changes this. With our customization, not only are the options displayed (which is also not standard to BigCommerce), but they can also be selected. This allows the visitor to completely skip the product page phase of the sales funnel.


BigCommerce Image Switch on Hover

With this customization, if a visitor is looking at your site’s category page and they mouse over a product image, the current image will be swapped for an alternate product photo. The image is dynamically pulled from the product page, so there are no extra steps in managing this feature. See an example below:

This script helps increase click-through rates to the next phase of the sales funnel, the product page.

BigCommerce Highlight Your On Sale Products

This customization shows an indicator that a product is on sale. Simple, but effective.

BigCommerce Category Content Exports and Imports

You’ve heard it a million times, content is king. IntuitSolutions has harnessed the power of BigCommerce’s API to create the ability to export and import category content. We’ve created a system that pulls all the valuable information pertaining to your product categories and puts them in an easy to use spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet to perform bulk edits across every category on your site. You can edit the meta tags, category icons, and category descriptions of your entire site all at once. When you are finished with your updates we will upload the changes you’ve made.

If you are interested in any of these customizations to the product listings and category pages of your BigCommerce site, or are interested in working with us to develop something completely new for your store, please contact us today at 866-590-4650.

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