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The IntuitSolutions Team
Meet Our Team Of Talented Folks

Administrative Team

Brian started IntuitSolutions with Jared in 2001. He worked in the financial industry, the car wash industry and as a commercial fisherman before falling in love with web work. In his free time he enjoys biking, surfing and ultimate frisbee (yeah, super geek).
Jared Lenz has been working in the web development and server hosting business since the late ’90s. After working at several ecommerce startups and a leading tri-state area data center during the boom days of the internet, he co-founded IntuitSolutions with Brian in 2001. In his free time he enjoys fly fishing, skiing, hiking and bike touring.
Director of Operations
Zach is a graduate of the University of Delaware with degrees in Visual Communications and Music. He recently moved to Philly to explore the city and work in graphic and web design, joining the IntuitSolutions team in the Winter of 2013. Besides design, Zach plays and writes a lot of music, watches too much TV via the internet, and enjoys discovering his new favorite beer on the weekend.
Internal Operations Administrator
Keyana, like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, is also from west Philadelphia, born and raised. She briefly studied Political Science at West Chester University of Pennsylvania before ultimately deciding that politics weren’t her thing. A life-long adventurer with a serious sense of wanderlust, her favorite vacation spot is Montego Bay, Jamaica and hanging out in the mountains. Currently residing in south Philadelphia with her husband, Jack, Keyana enjoys taking acting classes at Walnut Street Theater and ballet at Koresh Dance Company.

Sales Team

Director of Product Sales
Dan is our Director of Product Sales and came to us with the gift of gab from the world of finance. Dan has worked in a variety of different financial industries but always with a focus on sales marketing and he thrives in an environment where no two work days are the same. When Dan is not acting as our sales rockstar he enjoys traveling, going to concerts, bartending on the weekends, & going the Linc to watch the Eagles win.
Sales Representative
At an early age, Charles found a passion for technology while serving in the U.S Army. As an Information Technology Specialist, he gained valuable experience and a strong foothold in computers and networking. After completing his service, Charles moved on to apply himself in the challenging world of sales. Finding a good medium between tech and sales, he continually strives to make a substantial impact at his company. When not on the grind, Charles can be found enjoying time with his friends and dog, watching the nerdiest shows, and working on his writing.

Products Team

Systems Administrator
Sean has been programming since first learning BASIC back in 1990. He has worked in the website development industry since its inception and has been working with IntuitSolutions since January 2006. Prepared for a career in systems administration by Drexel University, Sean is our Server Administrator and he works hard to make sure our equipment is efficient and reliable. He has been working with PHP and other powerful, web-friendly languages since the 90′s.
PHP/MySQL Backend Developer
Dominic has been interested in the web since his school days in the UK, becoming fascinated with being able to create something that could be shared with the whole world. He has been developing professionally since the late 2000s and now brings his talent stateside as a backend web developer for IntuitSolutions. He enjoys electronic music from London, films, and beer.
Full-Stack Web Developer
Ariel graduated from the University of the Arts in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Media Arts & Photography. Shortly after, she discovered a love for web design. In her free time, Ariel enjoys watching horror movies, hanging out with her dog, cooking, beekeeping, and playing the bass.
Customer Liaison and Support Engineer
Jay has been developing software for over 10 years. He started learning C++ in 2007 so that he could edit and and make mods for his favorite video games. In 2010 he left the multi-unit retail management world to pursue a career in software development. By 2014 he was working for himself as a consultant and independent developer that specializes in responsive data driven user interfaces. Over the last couple of years he has honed his skills and made really elegant, user friendly and cost effective software solutions. On his days off, Jay enjoys building and flying drones with his children.

SEO / SEM Team

Director of Marketing
Eric is on the design and development team at IntuitSolutions. He recently moved to the Philadelphia area to work as a designer and developer after graduating from Full Sail University. His designs are often minimalistic and clean and his code is designed for a user friendly experience. He managed and owned a small business in Ithaca, NY for a while and enjoys anything that involves being creative. His other passion is music; he often plays drums for bands in NYC. While he’s not designing, developing, or playing drums, he’s spending time with his friends and family, which includes his dog Cooper.
SEM Specialist
After graduating with a degree in advertising and moving back to Philadelphia, Ben gained experience in paid ad campaigns, working for both startups and large corporations. His passion for research and strategy led him to the SEO/SEM Specialist position at IntuitSolutions. When not honing his SEO and HTML skills, Ben enjoys space painting, losing at Quizzo, and exploring the city with his film camera in hand.
UX Designer
Carina has been designing brand identities and website experiences for start-up businesses in order to establish company memorability, customer trust, and professionalism through organized, composed and smart design solutions. Carina fell in love with problem solving through visual systems and creating innovative user experiences for the web. Having lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for the majority of her life, her work is heavily influenced by the Danish design aesthetic. Outside of work she enjoys yoga, vegan cuisine, spending time by the ocean and learning about alternative healing techniques.

Design / Development Team

Full-Stack Web Developer
Aaron has always had an interest in breaking down and understanding how things work. This is what had initially led him to learn HTML, CSS as well as the other design skills that he exhibits today. He currently runs a growing online forum and has ventured into the world of eCommerce. In his spare time Aaron enjoys playing guitar, following politics and experimenting with home-brewing.
Full-Stack Web Developer
Lubren "Lu" Cordero attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia and majored in graphic design. Prior to joining the IntuitSolutions team, Lu worked in the printing industry for 6 years, but eventually grew tired of the mundane task of prepping files for print all day, every day. So he taught himself front-end code and developed a passion for designing unique visual solutions for the web. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bike through the streets of North Philadelphia, urban photography, and completely destroying his opponents in Rocket League.
Full-Stack Web Developer
Zak, aka Ziggy, has a degree in Acting from NYU, but more recently graduated from the New York Code and Design Academy's Web Development Intensive program. His interest in coding originated from his discovery of a 1980's robot named the Omnibot 2000, which Zak is now trying to resurrect for a new life in the 21st Century. When he's not hard-wired to the Matrix, you can find him performing improv and sketch comedy in and around Philadelphia and New York City.
Full-Stack Web Developer
Before her career in web development, Brynne worked in customer service and graduated from Clemson University. She moved from Atlanta to Philadelphia in early 2015. Brynne enjoys both the art and logic of computer programming. Her favorite web designs are inviting and easy to use. She loves the task of using her creativity to add personality and beauty to a site, while using her problem-solving skills to make a site functional and adaptable. Brynne likes to be out in the sun, to read and to meet new people.
Full-Stack Web Developer
Devin decided to learn web development after reading the book 'Average is Over' by Tyler Cowen and watching a Vijay Kumar's TED talk about drones in the same week. His favorite user interface is a chat window. His favorite thing about building eCommerce sites is that he get's to learn a little bit about a wide variety of businesses. He's excited about javascript, web components, and oxford comma's. When he's not staring at a computer screen he like vegetable gardening and playing with his dogs.
Front End Developer
Willy started coding a few years ago by trying to program video games. Since then he's moved on to web development where he found his true calling. He is constantly challenging himself by learning new technology and working on side projects. Willy's hobby includes street fashion, video games, discovering hidden gems in underground music, and eating literally anything.
Front End Developer
Colin Arpe is an old man in a young people's game. He has been writing code since before the Apple //c dropped and has an MA in computer science as well as a certificate from New York Code + Design Academy. He lives in South Philadelphia with two children who remain unimpressed with his skills on the electric guitar.
Front End Developer
Computer addict, gamer, metalhead. Favorite band: Infant Annihilator. Love traveling, camping, martial arts, competition, cooking, craft beer. Free time activities include watching Formula 1, playing video games, and learning easy songs on guitar so I can appear talented. Weekends are usually spent with family, at breweries, at metal shows, or camping with friends in remote woods trying to avoid bears. Had many jobs, found web development, self taught, realized it's the perfect fit for me, as I am able to utilize my creativity to the fullest. Spent the last year learning everything I needed to transform my career. Inspired by Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Bucket List Items: program AI, see the 7 wonders of the world, visit Mars.

Emotional Support Team

Head of Security
Lodi is a professional cat whose full name is Prince Lodi Bellybones GoldenBoy III. His hobbies include spilling water glasses, playing with used straws and shrimp shells, and doing housework. One man's trash is always Lodi's treasure. He also enjoys playing with new toys, but only for the first twenty minutes. He's very friendly, and well-liked in his neighborhood.
Floor Manager
Cooper is equal parts dog and bear. He greatly enjoys chasing flies. He absolutely loves being pet by anyone, and he's a big fan of getting his tummy rubbed. He is integral at IntuitSolutions, as he plays a key role of making sure the floor is covered in dog hair at all times.