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A BigCommerce Calendar App for Any Business

Custom BigCommerce Apps

BigCommerce provides a wide variety of tools to take advantage of right out of the box. As we continue to discuss these tools with business owners across many different industries, we find certain requests for additional functionality keep popping up. It’s these consistent requests that led us to develop our events calendar app for BigCommerce. We dove deep into the variety of features businesses of different kinds need from an app like this so that we could build an all-in-one solution for any client.

Improving Native Functionality

The existing product scheduling in BigCommerce is lacking in usability on both the business and customer sides. We set out to create an app that is intuitive for the business and for the end-user. By modeling the calendar off of a traditional format, we’ve made the app easy-to-use and pleasant to look at. However, the look is only the first part of the build. We went further and built an app that is truly designed for the world of ecommerce.

Conversion-Driven Design

We found that often times stores wanted to point users directly from a calendar listing to the product page related to the selected date (Concert tickets, class registration, event sign-ups, etc.). We also noticed that the product page would include options rather than multiple product pages. For example, one client offers handgun safety courses on a number of days and at a number of time slots. Rather than building a new product page for each class, they opted for the cleaner and easier to manage solution of one product page with each time slot and date listed as an option.

As we developed our calendar app, we knew it would be important to ensure the option selected on the calendar would be represented on the product page without having to select the time slot again. By reducing clicks and minimizing the potential for confusion, we’ve removed distractions during the final phases of the buying cycle, encouraging conversions and reducing site abandonment.

bigcommerce calendar app product page
The appropriate option is selected automatically after a customer clicks a product from the calendar.

Custom BigCommerce Development by IntuitSolutions

What functionality would you like to see us tackle next? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and join the conversation! If you’re in eed of BigCommerce web development or SEO strategy implementation, call us today at 866 590 4650. We have over a decade of experience guiding us in developing cutting-edge extensions and methodologies to launch your business into 2015 and beyond.

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