360-Degree Product Images on BigCommerce

360 Degree Images

Showcase Your BigCommerce Product Images in Three Dimensions

As shopping continues to shift towards Ecommerce, there are increasingly better ways to showcase and sell Products online. One way to engage your users and provide a better shopping experience is to display your product images with a 360-degree spinner. Not only is it fun to interact with, it leaves no questions or uncertainty about the item being bought. Ultimately, this increases sales and reduces time spent dealing with customer service.

Converting Uncommitted Shoppers

In order to win over uncommitted shoppers you need to provide something “more”. Showing the same static image as five other websites doesn’t make you stand out in any way. It doesn’t encourage anyone to commit to your store. On the other hand, exciting and engaging users with an interactive experience vastly sets you apart.

And for those selling unique products or services, you are tasked with the difficult job of building confidence in what you have to offer. At the end of the day, uncertainty is your enemy. What better way is there to reassure and educate shoppers than by leaving nothing to the imagination?

What Using a 360-Degree Product Viewer Provides

Having your products displayed in three dimensions keep users on your pages longer while also keeping their interest and attention peaked. This not only gives customers an in-depth view of your product, it also provides the transparency and clarity needed to spring for that first-time purchase.

360* Product Spinner and BigCommerce

When writing the 360 spinner customization for BigCommerce, we intentionally made maintenance a breeze. Once the images are uploaded, you simply add a Custom Field to any of your Products and the script will handle the rest! If you want to add an entirely new spinner, just upload the new images and add your Custom Field. Removing or changing spinners is just as easy. We make it a point to have no externally hosted files, no monthly fees and no additional developer work required.

360-degree product images
360-Degree Product Images Customization on BigCommerce.

In terms of accessibility, our scripts are heavily tested on all modern browsers and devices. The end goal is to promote traffic and sales right? What good is a customization that doesn’t work for all of your traffic?

Add a 360-Degree Product Viewer to Your BigCommerce Site

IntuitSolutions is an invaluable resource for all things BigCommerce. Whether it’s adding a 360-degree spinner to your product pages or crafting a one of a kind solution to your unique problem, there is no one more qualified to get the job done right than IntuitSolutions. Give us a call today at 866.590.4650 to get started.

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