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Streamlining Compliance for Ammo Sales: A BigCommerce Checkout Success Story

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At IntuitSolutions, we love a good challenge, especially when it involves making ecommerce smoother and more compliant. Recently, we took on a project to help four ammunition ecommerce sites—Southern Defense,,, and—meet state regulations requiring ID verification for ammunition purchases.

Read on to see how we helped them meet legal requirements while keeping a non-disruptive checkout flow and user experience.

The Challenge: Selling Ammo that Meets Legal ID Requirements

When it comes to selling ammunition online, certain states have stricter regulations. New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island require residents to upload specific documentation before they can complete their ammunition-related purchase. 

Our task was to smoothly integrate document upload capabilities when additional verification was required within the existing checkout process, maintaining a user-friendly shopping experience without unnecessary interruptions.

The Solution: Custom Checkout Flow with Ebizio Checkout

To make the ID verification process seamless, we configured a custom storefront script along with the Purchase Order Module by Ebizio Checkout as an optional document upload field. This setup ensures the additional field appears based on the contents of the cart and customer’s shipping address. Here’s how it works:

  • The document upload field appears only when the customer has ammo in their cart and is shipping to one of the specified states. 
  • Our custom script ensured the upload field stayed hidden unless those exact conditions were met. 
  • If conditions were met the field becomes mandatory, ensuring users don’t slip through without proper ID verification.
  • A custom message explaining why users see the additional document upload field is included.
Checkout view with message stating ID verification requirements and document upload section

Work with IntuitSolutions for Your BigCommerce Checkout Needs

At IntuitSolutions, we specialize in creating customized ecommerce solutions that enhance compliance, efficiency, and user experience. Our recent project with Southern Defense,,, and is just one example of how we can help your business navigate complex regulatory requirements while maintaining a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

If you’re facing similar challenges or looking to optimize your ecommerce platform, we’re here to help. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and drive your business forward.

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