Using Page Builder and Custom Widgets to Enhance Your BigCommerce Store

Page Builder Widget Functionality for BigCommerce customizing homepage banner

What is BigCommerce Page Builder?

As one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce is always delivering the latest technology to make its customers’ lives easier.  When merchants expressed the need for a quick and easy way to manage site content, BigCommerce delivered Page Builder – a powerful tool that allows merchants to customize different page elements of their storefront. 

Page Builder is an extremely useful tool for BigCommerce store owners to customize the look and feel of their stores and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their websites without requiring a web developer. There are plenty of opportunities to use Page Builder in your store, from creating a unique homepage layout, to product page enhancements, to creating image sliders with captivating messaging.

Read on to learn more about Page Builder and how to take advantage of its custom functionality to enhance the look, feel, and function of your BigCommerce store. 

What Can I Do with BigCommerce Page Builder?

With Page Builder, you can create and update page designs using pre-built components called widgets. There are many standard widgets that you can use by simply dragging and dropping them onto the page you are building. 

Some of the widgets include text blocks, static banners, image galleries and buttons that can be customized with different color schemes, images and text. You can also customize these widgets’ functionality using custom JavaScript or CSS styling – which we’ll discuss later in the post.

Page Builder technology introduces several impactful new features, enabling BigCommerce store owners to:

  • Edit text, images, banners, product carousels and other page elements.
  • Quickly create announcements, new product launches, or promotions.
  • Preview changes across devices and apply changes right away, or save them for later.
  • Tailor your storefront so it more closely reflects your evolving brand.
  • Create custom widgets to deliver greater functionality.
View of BigCommerce Page Builder - user interface with widget column on left hand side

Customizing Page Builder Widgets for Unique Functionality

While there is a lot that can be done with built-in page builder widgets, oftentimes store owners want to create a unique look and feel for their storefronts or add features that aren’t available out-of-the-box via BigCommerce. In cases like these, having the ability to build new custom widgets can make all the difference in delivering a truly exceptional user experience for site visitors.

Page Builder provides BigCommerce sellers a great level of control for tailoring their storefront, but what if you need a higher level of customization? With Widgets API, our BigCommerce developers can build custom modules that extend functionality beyond what was originally available within the standard page builder widgets.

“Page Builder widgets API is a powerful and flexible tool that provides merchants more options to inject rich, engaging content at key stages in the user journey.”

Zack Enders, Lead Developer, IntuitSolutions

Widgets can be further developed to address needs beyond basic styling and cater to more specific levels of customization or site functionality. Our BigCommerce developers  can create custom page components and place them on specific pages of a BigCommerce storefront. 

See Custom Page Builder Widgets in Action 

Need some inspiration for using page builders and custom widgets? Take a look at some of our clients who are taking full advantage of the functionality. 

Rock Bottom Golf – Quick Grid Layout

Rock Bottom Golf is one of our clients using page builder and custom widgets to build a quick grid layout for their site’s homepage. Using the sleek and easy Page Builder interface, their team can quickly update their page with new product promotions and announcements, without the need for support from our developers – ensuring their homepage is never stale and customers stay engaged.

Custom BigCommerce Page Builder Widget

Metro – Walk in Cooler Gallery

For Food Services retailer, Metro, or team created a custom widget for a more interactive way to showcase products for their walk-in coolers. First, their team uses the page builder to update the photo gallery for the area they’d like to highlight. Then, using the custom shopping tags feature, Metro can place markers on different products it would like to highlight, enabling the shopper to click and view more information. From shelving to organizational accessories, Metro has an easy, flexible way to inspire customers how to outfit their commercial kitchen. 

Walk in Cooler Gallery for

Have an idea for a custom Page Builder Widget? We’d love to build it for you!

Contact Our BigCommerce Experts

BigCommerce Page Builder is a game-changing technology that allows non-technical users to control website content without editing theme files. By leveraging the power of Page Builder and custom widgets, BigCommerce merchants can take control of their online brand and make shopping experiences more relevant and engaging for customers.

Need us to develop a custom functionality for your BigCommerce store? Are you looking to develop a custom widget to better control your site content? Contact our BigCommerce experts here, or give us a call at 866-901-4650 today.

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