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IntuitSolutions: BigCommerce Enterprise Preferred Partner

BigCommerce Enterprise Design for Cetaphil

As a preferred partner for the BigCommerce Enterprise Plan, we get to work with a lot of exciting clients. Recently, we collaborated with the design team at Cetaphil to optimize a sleek and modern new site to showcase their skin care products. The goal was to carry over the clean and pure feel of their products and graphic design on to a site that was easy to use and optimized for search engines. Overall, it was an exciting project that allowed us to make some unique customizations to BigCommerce’s already substantial out-of-the box features. Furthermore, it gave us some valuable insight into the strengths of BigCommerce’s Enterprise package.

Using BigCommerce’s Sandbox Feature

One of the first things we wanted to do with Cetaphil was make sure the site was responsive. There are a ton of benefits to responsive designs, both for SEO and usability purposes. With BigCommerce’s Enterprise platform, we had access to their incredible sandbox feature. This tool allowed us to view and test a variety of custom page templates across devices to make sure the look and functionality of the site was exactly how Cetaphil wanted. The ability to fine tune responsive designs before implementing them on the live site allowed us to take full advantage of BigCommerce’s flexible nature.

Flexibility is important for clients of all levels. The ability to customize the look and functionality of your site in a seamless manner improves the user’s experience, encourages conversions, and can boost a search engine’s ranking of your site. We had the opportunity to make some extremely helpful customizations to Cetaphil’s BigCommerce store.

Customized BigCommerce Templates

Perhaps most noticeably, we customized the category-level displays for Cetephil’s huge product list. Now, instead of just displaying a list of sub-categories and a product grid, each category page features prominent sub-category titles with relevant products displayed neatly underneath each one.

Other customizations were less visible to the average user, but still provided elegant solutions to issues Cetaphil found. They quickly ran into a problem with the character limit enforced on custom fields by BigCommerce. We were able to find a simple work-around for this character limit so that the ingredients of their products could be displayed in full. Another important modification we made ensured the contact information for a reviewer could be pulled so that customer questions and concerns could be addressed on a personal level by the Cetaphil team. For a more detailed breakdown of our customizations, check out Eric’s post about Cetaphil’s Responsive BigCommerce Website.

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