Improving Core Web Vitals: A Smart Business Move for Your BigCommerce Store

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Imagine a world where every website you visit loads lightning-fast, is easy to navigate, and always delivers what you’re searching for. This is the world Google is trying to create, and why they invest heavily in updates that improve the user experience.

In 2021, Google rolled out its Core Web Vitals algorithm, a massive update designed to give website visitors a more enjoyable and secure page experience. 

Now, with the update fully implemented, your website is being measured by three crucial performance metrics – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – which determine how well your website serves its visitors.

You can read more here about the specifics of what’s measured in Core Web Vitals and common issues that may be impacting your scores.

Core Web Vitals and Your Bottom Line

Strong Core Web Vital scores are not just “nice to have.” Neglecting your website’s Core Web Vitals means you’re missing significant opportunities to grow your business. 

As these real-world case studies illustrate, businesses that focus on Core Web Vitals unlock tangible impacts in terms of user satisfaction and financial gain, including:

    • Reduced bounce rate
    • More page views
    • Higher domain ranking
    • Greater ad click-through-rate (CTR)
    • Longer average session duration
    • Increased revenue
    • And more

    At IntuitSolutions, Core Web Vitals assessments are part of our Site Optimization and Support Retainer plans. Our in-house team of BigCommerce experts evaluates our clients’ website scores, identifies areas for improvement, and makes technical enhancements to help improve their overall performance.

    Optimizing Core Web Vitals can be a unique journey for every website, as progress depends on various factors, such as the current performance levels, design complexity, and the desired outcomes. Regardless of the starting point, prioritizing Core Web Vitals is a wise long-term investment for your business.

    Contact our team today to get started on assessing your site health, improving user experience, and transforming users into loyal customers who keep coming back.

      Sarah joined IntuitSolutions in 2022 as a Marketing Manager where she focuses on content creation, social media, and digital marketing. In her free time, she loves to travel, study a new language, and explore nature around her.

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