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August 7, 2018 | |

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If you’d ever spent time on IntuitSolutions’ website prior to our makeover last month, you probably noticed that it was a bit of a mess. Even though we spend our days crafting beautiful and functional sites for our clients, we never dedicated the time or energy to fixing our own.

“It was the classic situation of the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” said Zach Bluett, Head Of Design and Development. “We finally decided to take our own advice and invest in improving the usability of our website.”

Eric Hansen, Director of Marketing, agreed. “A site rebrand was long overdue. Not just because our old site looked outdated, but because the process of the redesign helped us better articulate the services we offer. We ultimately left the process more connected to and focused on our goals.”

Getting a full site redesign is a great opportunity to reconnect with and articulate your goals.

Showcasing Apps, Add-Ons & Integrations

Apart from development and marketing services, we also offer a variety of BigCommerce products, like apps (software we install in the BigCommerce back end), add-ons (templated development work to improve common UX features), and integrations with popular software.

“One of the major goals of the new site was to figure out how best to display our product offerings,” said Bluett. “It was crucial that we come up with an information architecture that helped users find what they were looking for without getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.”

Ultimately, we kept it simple, splitting the three types of product offerings into different pages and building a landing page where a user can navigate to the type of product they need.

It’s crucial to come up with an information architecture that helped users find what they were looking for without getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of options

Add-On Page

>>Check out our Apps, Add-Ons & Integrations

Showcasing Our Services, Old And New

A major decision we had to make when designing the new site was how to split up and display the services we offer. We offer two main types of services: design/development and digital marketing, but, within that, we offer a variety of sub-services. A development client might visit our site for a Stencil move, a full site redesign, or a smaller project to solve a persistent problem. Likewise, a marketing client might want any combination of the services we offer, such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing.

“This is where keyword and user research is so important,” said Hansen. “We took the time to figure out what people were searching for and built our landing pages around directing them to that information. Our hope for the new site is that the person who is searching for something specific, like a way to move from Blueprint to Stencil, will land on a helpful and information-rich page, rather than a generic one.”

Creating these landing pages also forced us to articulate our exact offerings. Our teams spent some time breaking down and articulating the services we offer. We also included some new offerings that we had been offering for awhile but hadn’t formally advertised on the site, such as social media advertising, email marketing, and (believe it or not!) Stencil moves.

>>Our New Stencil Page

>>Social Media Advertising For BigCommerce

>>Email Marketing For BigCommerce

BigCommerce Solutions By Industry

Another major change to the new site was the inclusion of pages aimed at certain industries, like B2B, vape, and apparel. These pages include essential apps, add-ons, or solutions for BigCommerce merchants in that industry.

“From working with hundreds of clients, we noticed that they tend to face the same challenges across industry,” said Hansen. “By packaging them together in industry pages, we not only helped direct merchants to the most relevant opportunities, but gave ourselves an opportunity to target new keywords.”

From working with hundreds of clients, we noticed that they tend to face the same challenges across industry

Industry pages

>>See the Vape Page

>>See the B2B Page

>>See the Apparel Page

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