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BigCommerce Now Integrated with Affirm Financing

UPDATE: We unfortunately no longer offer our services or app for those who wish to integrate Affirm with their BigCommerce store. Affirm now has their own out-of-the-box integration with BigCommerce that you can download here.

Being a BigCommerce Premium Partner, we aim to resolve issues that are troubling a great number of store owners. Through client requests and our own familiarity of the marketplace, it was made clear that essentially no integrations existed that allows you to provide users with financing payment options. Fortunately, with our new Affirm Financing Integration, a stable and intuitive solution, now exists.

The Trouble with Financing Payment Options

Financing improves conversion rates and order value. This makes sense, right? Users are likely to add more to their cart when they’re able to pay off their purchase in monthly installments. And for big ticket items, having the ability to use financing certainly promotes sales.

In regards to BigCommerce, the problem is in the execution. There have been attempts at providing finance integrations, however, no good integrations exist. We won’t sort through the specific issues, but if you’ve already had a bad experience with PayPal Pay Later, PayPal Bill Me Later, Get Financing, or another integration, we know your pain. More importantly, we’ve put in the work needed to relieve your pain.

AFPA Fitness: A BigCommerce Case Study

IntuitSolutions began working with AFPA Fitness after they had gone through a bad experience with another group of developers. Ultimately, they ended up with a financing product that didn’t work. This not only left AFPA out of their time and money, it also frustrated their users who were unable to checkout as expected. Through our AFFIRM Payment BigCommerce Integration, we were able to resolve their problems in an intuitive and seamless manner.

Our AFFIRM Monthly Payment Integration provides monthly-installment details throughout the store. When checking out, an AFFIRM payment option becomes available to your users. If they are approved, a BigCommerce order will be created and they will be redirected to the confirmation page. Otherwise, the user will be sent back to the checkout, with all items intact, to complete their order with an alternative payment method. We were very intentional to work alongside BigCommerce, not against or on top of it, and also ensure that no users are left off-site when not approved.

Get the BigCommerce AFFIRM Integration today

AFPA Fitness has had great success with the AFFIRM financing integration. Amy Occhipinti, CEO of AFPA Fitness, has said that “It works great!” and we’ve continued our relationship with her, now working to drive organic traffic through our SEO Foundation Package. We pride ourselves on being thorough and doing what’s best for the customer. Be sure to us know how we can assist you with your BigCommerce store.

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