Posts by Aaron Nowlen

Posts by Aaron Nowlen

Financing Payment Integration for BigCommerce

September 22, 2016 | |

BigCommerce Now Integrated with Affirm Financing Being a BigCommerce Premium Partner, we aim to resolve issues that are troubling a great number of store owners. Through client requests and our own familiarity of the marketplace, it was made clear that essentially no integrations existed that allows you to provide users with financing payment options. Fortunately,…

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360-Degree Product Images on BigCommerce

September 19, 2016 | |

Showcase Your BigCommerce Product Images in Three Dimensions As shopping continues to shift towards Ecommerce, there are increasingly better ways to showcase and sell Products online. One way to engage your users and provide a better shopping experience is to display your product images with a 360-degree spinner. Not only is it fun to interact…

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Case Study: BigCommerce Stencil Framework Design + Development

August 2, 2016 | |

Stencil Design on BigCommerce Sites IntuitSolutions developed‘s design on the new BigCommerce Stencil engine. We were able to take their new and modern designs, and build them using modern development practices. In doing this, we created a robust ecommerce theme that is focused on speed, accessibility, and the best in modern SEO practices. Custom…

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Case Study: Designing & Developing Yala Designs on BigCommerce

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Heavily-Customized Theme Development on BigCommerce IntuitSolutions developed a heavily-customized theme for The high volume of customizations made this project not only fun to develop but also a soaring success. The attention to detail found within the designs made every element consistent with Yala’s brand and feel. From the bee’s flight path graphic within each…

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Promotions In Google Checkout

December 23, 2009 | |

If you follow these easy steps you’ll be able to offer promotion-code-based sales and still accept Google Checkout!