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A Custom Application for Selling Digital Product Collections on BigCommerce

Embroidery designs with flowers and snakes

From music to digital art, selling digital products online has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Merchants selling digital products on BigCommerce face a unique challenge with no native solution—how to offer customers the convenience of purchasing entire collections at once while granting instant access to every individual product within that collection.

When built-in functionalities for BigCommerce fall short, the need for a specialized BigCommerce development agency becomes crucial. In this article, we explore an innovative custom application for BigCommerce that simplifies offering digital product collection purchases into a single download.

The Challenge: Support for Multi-Product Digital Downloads

There is no native functionality on BigCommerce that enables merchants to sell entire categories or collections of digital products as a single purchase. This limitation poses significant hurdles for sellers looking to offer digital product bundles to their customers. These challenges include:

  • Complex Bundle Creation: Merchants grapple with the intricacies of creating and managing digital collection bundles, often requiring manual effort.

  • Sales Scalability: Expanding digital collection offerings comes with challenges in scaling sales processes, leading to potential bottlenecks in handling increasing customer demand.

  • Limited Upselling Opportunities: The absence of a streamlined solution limits opportunities for upselling and cross-selling digital collections, potentially leaving sales on the table.

  • Resource-Intensive Customer Support: Addressing customer inquiries and issues related to manual download processes can be resource-intensive, diverting time and attention from core business activities.

  • Competitive Disadvantage: Merchants without a robust solution for digital collection sales may face a competitive disadvantage in an evolving digital market, potentially losing market share to more agile competitors.

The Solution: A Custom Application for Selling Product Collections

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design (OESD) is a leading online retailer offering a vast array of embroidery designs, supplies, and accessories to crafters of all skill levels. One of OESD’s standout offerings is the “SPREE Club,” a monthly subscription where customers can pay a monthly fee and receive a bundle of design downloads each month. 

Rather than create and manage collections as individual products, the merchant needed a way to mark existing products as being part of a larger collection, and to allow customers access to each of the related downloads. To make this possible, our team created a custom application to extend the functionality of the BigCommerce platform in order to manage sub-products within a parent collection item. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Our team created a custom product detail template that allows merchants to make a list of products
  • The functionality displays the “collection” view of products to the customer
  • Customers can make a single purchase and gain immediate access to all the products within that collection
  • Downloads are displayed alongside the “My Designs Downloads” pages in a user’s account.
  • We use the SKU data against our existing database information to provide download links, images, etc.
"Designs Included in Collection" preview on

A Streamlined Solution Merchants Selling Digital Collections as a Single Products on BigCommerce

The custom functionality can benefit virtually any merchant selling digital product bundles. Some common examples include:

  • Art merchants selling collections of digital art
  • Music vendors offering bundled album packages or curated playlists
  • Ebook retailers offering collections of books by genre, author, or theme
  • Educational platforms selling course-specific resources 
  • Vendors of digital comic books, magazine, or other entertainment literature
  • Scientific and Medical Journals looking to sell entire volumes or categories of publications

Choose the Trusted BigCommerce Experts for Your Custom Application for Selling Product Bundles

From art to music, e-books to education, the possibilities are endless for BigCommerce merchants selling digital goods that require accessing multiple downloads for one purchase . By partnering with BigCommerce integration experts, you can make the experience much more manageable for your business and ensure a seamless customer experience from purchase to download.

Need a custom solution for your BigCommerce store? Call us at 866-901-4650 or submit your project requirements here.

    Sarah joined IntuitSolutions in 2022 as a Marketing Manager where she focuses on content creation, social media, and digital marketing. In her free time, she loves to travel, study a new language, and explore nature around her.

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