BigCommerce Customizations for Wholesale

November 11, 2016 | |

BrushDance.com has recently been increasing their wholesale relationships, and they wanted to leverage BigCommerce’s great functionality to offer custom information for wholesale customers. IntuitSolutions was able to make several key modifications to their site to refine the overall flow and user experience for wholesale versus retail.

Custom Login for Vendors

We created a new, custom Wholesale Login page for BrushDance. Wholesale customers might be confused with needing to use the same Login page as retail customers, so we built a special separate login page that is tailored for wholesale, but still has the same layout as the default “Sign In or Create an Account” page.
Wholesale Login page
The “Create a Wholesale Account” button links to another special page with a custom sign-up form using a third-party form builder plugin. This allows BrushDance to receive requests for customers who’d like to become wholesale vendors, and they can then create accounts for them in BigCommerce and add them to the appropriate Customer Group as necessary.

Conditional Payment and Shipping Methods for Wholesale

When checking out on the store, wholesale customers are given the ability to pay via invoice, while some wholesale customers have been granted invoicing with net terms. IntuitSolutions built a customization that hides or displays specific payment methods for each Customer Group. We also allow Wholesale customers to see a special “Pay later” shipping method, as their shipping rates will not be the same as for retail customers.
Wholesale Shipping and Payments

To prevent confusion for wholesale customers about discounts or sales that aren’t available to them, IntuitSolutions also customized the homepage to hide the “Free Shipping when you spend XX” promotional banner, and replace the carousel with a static image.

These customizations help enhance the experience for BrushDance’s wholesale customers and make their site easier to use. If you’re interested in adding these types of wholesale improvements to your BigCommerce store, contact us today!

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