Affirm Integration With BigCommerce

Integrating Your BigCommerce Site with Affirm

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Affirm is a payment provider which allows customers the convenience of splitting big purchases into smaller monthly payments. This gives customers the flexibility to make their cart bigger while cutting out the stress of needing to put out all the money up front. IntuitSolutions’ Affirm for BigCommerce application seamlessly integrates Affirm’s resources with any BigCommerce store, as highlighted by Business Wire

Case Study: Accessory Partners

A common issue that all e-commerce stores face is customers abandoning their carts before they finish the checkout process. IntuitSolutions began working with Accessory Partners because of their need for more conversions on their checkout page, and a key factor in creating more of these conversions starts with our Affirm integration.

Building a Great Checkout Page

Checking Out With Affirm

Because Affirm for BigCommerce is built as an extension of One Page Checkout, Accessory Partners was able to integrate both applications and take advantage of the added features that come with the One Page Checkout – faster checkout with fewer clicks necessary to complete a purchase. One Page Checkout was intially installed on Accessory Partners’ three child sites, Sunroof Source, McGaughy Store, and MaxTrac Suspension. This alone increases conversion rates by an average of more than 11% on desktops!

After One Page Checkout was installed, we integrated Affirm functionality on each of the three sites. The Affirm application creates a quote for a loan on each individual product page and an option to apply for a loan on the checkout page. Adding this functionality is a straightforward, optimized process and we work directly with Affirm to ensure that all functionality works seamlessly before going live on each store.

Testing the Applications

The final step in both installations was to test the application on each site across multiple browsers and operating systems. For Accessory Partners, we tested on all major browsers on Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS operating systems to ensure that the end users will not see any hiccups in their checkout and the store owner will not lose any sales.

Integrate Your Site with Affirm!

Integrating your BigCommerce site with Affirm is simple and gives your customers another option for checking out, decreasing the likelihood that a customer will abandon their cart. We unfortunately no longer offer our services or app for those who wish to integrate Affirm with their BigCommerce store. Affirm now has their own out-of-the-box integration with BigCommerce that you can download here.

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