360 Degree Product Images

$995 (one time fee)

Improve your Customer’s User Experience with 360 Degree, rotating Product Images on your Product Detail Pages in BigCommerce. We have developed a customization for BigCommerce that will allow you to upload 3D Image files (created by a service of your choice) to your BigCommerce Product Pages, and have these 360 Images display in the main Product Image area. Each uploaded 3D product image will display as a thumbnail image along with the other images uploaded to your Products. This thumbnail will have a small icon overlay to indicate that the customer can click the thumbnail to view the 360 Rotating Image. We have developed several implementations of this functionality using a handful of Third Party services to create the files. This is a great way to improve the interactivity of your Product Pages, and convey additional information in a creative and functional method. Improving interactivity will result in more time spent on your Product Pages, and better conversion rates. Implementation of this customization is straightforward, and requires minimal database work by the client.

What it does

This customization to the BigCommerce platform will allow you to upload 360 Degree Product Photo files to any Product in BigCommerce, and will display your 360 Degree Product Images on the Product Detail Page of your website. Simply upload your 3D Image Files to your BigCommerce Server, add a simple Custom Field to the Product that you want the corresponding image to display under, and that file will now display on your Product Page where all other Product Images display, as well as a thumbnail below the main image area.


This is a screenshot from Live Example 1 listed above. You can see that the Rotating Image is also listed as a thumbnail along with other Images uploaded to the Product.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Improve the User Experience on your site
  • Increase the time spent on your Product Detail Pages
  • Increase user engagement
  • Add a level of professionalism that your competitors do not have

Frequently Asked Questions

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