A BigCommerce Checkout Solution for Recouping Credit Card Processing Fees

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As we trend closer to a global cashless economy, credit cards are among the predominant payment methods consumers use online. However, rising credit card processing fees present online merchants, especially B2B sellers, with a significant financial challenge.

An increasing number of businesses opt to add credit card fees at checkout to pass these costs to the cardholder. BigCommerce lacks a native solution for applying credit card transaction fees at checkout, so our team developed a seamless solution. 

This post will highlight how merchants can begin charging credit card fees to customers in the BigCommerce checkout. We will also discuss the benefits of recouping transaction fees for B2B businesses, the legality of passing these fees to consumers, and the challenges in collecting credit card fees within BigCommerce.

How to Charge Credit Card Fees to Customers in the BigCommerce Checkout

Our BigCommerce developers created a streamlined solution to help merchants recoup credit card fees in the checkout. The functionality utilizes our Product Fees Manager, available on Ebizio Checkout, a flexible and powerful app developed on the BigCommerce Open Checkout.

Below is an example of how our solution works:

  • All customers who choose “Credit Card” at the Payment step are charged an additional 3% of the order subtotal
  • The 3% upcharge is calculated at checkout and added to the order as a separate line item in the Cart Overview 
  • The 3% calculation includes shipping charges, taxes, and any other fees applied to the total
  • Shoppers see a custom message in checkout, such as “All credit card payments will apply a 3% charge to your order”

Note: This particular example includes shipping charges and taxes in the surcharge calculation, but not all merchants require this. We build the solution to include/exclude taxes and fees as needed. The rate can also be defined to tenths of a percent.

Preserving a Positive User Experience While Passing Credit Card Fees to Customers

Strategic UX modifications can help merchants deliver a transparent, positive user experience and ensure shoppers avoid surprises. Our developers can embed custom messaging throughout the buying process so customers expect the additional processing fees when they reach the checkout.

Messaging is tailored to your store’s specific needs and can be implemented:

  • On the Product Detail Page
  • On the Cart Page or Popup Modal
  • Within the sidebar section of any page
  • At any stage of the Checkout process
  • Other areas of your website as desired
Custom message example for credit card fee

Ready to Recoup Credit Card Fees?

Get a custom solution for your BigCommerce checkout fit to your unique specifications.

The Impact of Recouping Credit Card Fees for B2B Merchants

B2B businesses selling high order volumes find implementing credit card surcharges particularly beneficial, as their profits take a more significant hit from the high cost of accepting credit cards. 

Businesses that have previously foregone offering credit card options in the checkout can also more comfortably permit credit card transactions. As customers expect more flexible ways to pay, offering credit cards as a payment option can provide the convenience they desire and foster repeat business.

Want to better understand the impact of recouping credit card transaction fees? Follow the guidelines below to calculate your potential cost savings.

How Much Can Your Business Save? Calculate Your Credit Card Processing Fees
  1. Visit your BigCommerce Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Export of your orders over any given period of time.
  3. Sort orders by credit payment method.
  4. Add the total of the order values.
  5. Multiply this number by 0.03 for 3% transaction fees (adjust for your specific fee percentage).
  6. This is your monthly average transaction fee cost (multiply by 12 to get the annual number).

Is it Legal to Pass Credit Card Fees to Customers?

One important question on the mind of many merchants: is it actually legal to charge credit card transaction fees to customers? The short answer is yes—outside of Connecticut and Massachusetts, it is legal to pass credit card fees onto customers throughout the United States. While legislation prohibited this practice for decades, a 2013 class action lawsuit reversed that decision, allowing merchants in nearly every state to pass card transaction fees to cardholders.

It’s worth noting that credit card processing fees fall into two categories: convenience fees and surcharges, each having specific applications and guidelines. See the differences here.

Challenges with Charging Credit Card Transaction Fees in the BigCommerce Checkout

BigCommerce doesn’t offer built-in functionality to add credit card processing fees to the checkout process. Typically, merchants must meet specific criteria to adhere to business policy or maintain legal compliance, such as:

  • Applying a custom fee (percentage or flat) based on payment method
  • Setting the tax classification for the surcharge or convenience fee
  • Allowing the fee to include shipping costs
  • Clearly labeling fees for both shopper transparency and backend reporting
Custom message for credit card fees
Credit card fee as separate line item in order summary

Retain More Revenue: Recover Credit Card Fees with a Seamless BigCommerce Checkout Enhancement

Merchants must prepare to protect their bottom line as the use of credit cards continues to soar. Our BigCommerce developers provide flexible checkout solutions enabling your business to recoup credit card fees while preserving a positive user experience for customers.

Contact us today if you’re ready to start saving on credit card processing fees or have another request to customize your BigCommerce checkout. We take on most development-intensive customizations, from catering to different client segments to performing complex integrations with third-party technology

Call us at 866-901-4650 or submit your project requirements here.

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