Tack Retailer Saddles Up on BigCommerce with a New E-Commerce Website

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With 20+ years in the horse tack business, Carolina Tack prides itself on offering “the best saddle for the buck,” with apparel, supplies, and all the accessories for new and experienced riders. The company’s mission is to give shoppers a positive buying experience while fulfilling all of their equine needs, offering high-quality materials with flawless workmanship.

Looking to launch a new e-commerce brand and grow online sales, Carolina Tack Supply set out to create a high-performing e-commerce website on the BigCommerce platform. To make this dream a reality, they turned to the BigCommerce design and development experts, IntuitSolutions. 

The Challenge: Online Marketplace Limitations 

With thousands of products in stock and new products updated weekly, Carolina Tack needed a more fluid way to manage inventory. Primarily selling products through eBay and Amazon, they were listing and updating items separately in each marketplace shop, preventing a unified method for tracking inventory and sales. 

“Many businesses establish their e-commerce stores to exert some control over marketplace rules and restrictions – as well as fees that reduce their margins. With its robust native functionality, customizable features, and scalable platform, BigCommerce is the e-commerce solution that allows merchants to drive their success.

In addition to logistical limitations, Carolina Tack wanted to create a new e-commerce presence that would set them apart from other online tack retailers. They had recently purchased another online shop and wanted to launch a unified brand identity on a platform that provided more control.

To address business needs and bring their vision to life, our team worked with Carolina Tack to create an engaging website designed and developed on BigCommerce – the most scalable e-commerce solution available today.

The Solution: A Custom E-Commerce Website Designed and Developed on BigCommerce 

IntuitSolutions was entrusted to build CarolinaTackSupply.com from the ground up, taking advantage of the BigCommerce platform’s flexibility while delivering a modern user experience. This entire process was overseen by a dedicated project manager and supported by an in-house team of BigCommerce experts. 

After getting to know the unique needs of their products, industry, and competition, we worked closely with Carolina Tack’s team to craft a fully responsive design that would strengthen their growing e-commerce brand. The end result was a clean layout with intuitive functionality to support a streamlined, enjoyable shopping experience for equine enthusiasts.

Highlighted features of the new site design include:

  • Modern homepage design, visually organized with clear calls to action.
  • Enhanced sorting features for product, style, and size variations.
  • Category and subcategory pages that utilize page space, text, and images to narrow ideal product results quickly.
  • Custom product page tabs organizing technical product information into more readable sections.
  • Customized mega menu with prominent images displayed above a list-style of product categories. 
  • Branded cart and checkout pages to preserve customer trust and facilitate conversions.

The Design

CarolinaTackSupply.com Homepage Mockup on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

CarolinaTackSupply.com Category Page Mockup on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
Category Page

CarolinaTackSupply.com SubCategory Mockup on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
Subcategory Page

CarolinaTackSupply.com Product Page Mockup on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
Product Page

CarolinaTackSupply.com Cart Page Mockup on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
Checkout Page

Feature-Rich Development: IntuitSolutions Base Theme

Like other projects built on BigCommerce, CarolinaTackSupply.com was built using our proprietary “Base Theme.” Our BigCommerce experts have dedicated hundreds of development hours to further optimize the already powerful “Cornerstone” Stencil theme. These updates include:

Monthly Managed Services and Digital Marketing 

To maximize visibility in search results, a website must be developed with a solid SEO foundation – including clean code, effective metadata, optimized URLs, and much more. It’s equally important to continuously analyze, assess, and improve a site’s SEO to ensure lasting results as search algorithms change.

To strengthen their site’s performance, Carolina Tack entered a BigCommerce Site Optimization & Support retainer with IntuitSolutions and Digital Marketing agreement with one of our trusted agency partners, Agital. This ongoing collaboration helps Carolina Tack align SEO with their relaunched brand identity and make data-driven improvements to increase organic rankings over time.

The Results: A Modern, Scalable E-Commerce Website 

After working with the IntuitSolutions team, Carolina Tack has a robust online sales platform to showcase its brand, alleviate inventory frustrations, and reach new markets. Having a modern solution in place allows them to focus less on juggling multiple shops and more on providing an exceptional level of service to the many customers they serve. 

Are you looking to launch a new site on BigCommerce, or a refreshed BigCommerce store design? We’re an Elite BigCommerce Partner Web Design Company ready to help you take your online store to the next level of growth. Send us a message or call us at 866-901-4650 to discuss how we can help your business succeed online.

    Sarah joined IntuitSolutions in 2022 as a Marketing Manager where she focuses on content creation, social media, and digital marketing. In her free time, she loves to travel, study a new language, and explore nature around her.

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