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May 15, 2020 | |

Their Story

RockBottomGolf.com is the industry leader in discount golf clubs, balls, bags, apparel and more. In it’s infant days, Rock Bottom Golf’s founder began by diving for balls at local golf courses and selling them around town. Seeing success he moved on to flea markets and trade shows. 

With the advent of Ebay, Rock Bottom Golf began expanding its inventory and selling online nationwide. In 2002, RockBottomGolf.com was introduced to the world. Today, Rock Bottom Golf is on the BigCommerce platform and maintains its driving focus of excellent customer service, ultra-fast shipping, and guaranteed lowest pricing. 

The Problem: Checkout Limitations

Rock Bottom Golf has worked hard to get to where they are today, and continues to work tirelessly to improve their website and customer service. They have been working with IntuitSolutions for many years now. Together they switched from Blueprint to Stencil,  continued monthly managed services, implemented add-ons and more. Since BigCommerce’s checkout is fairly simple (for customer purposes), they wanted a few extra additions and customizations to help improve how smoothly their business runs. IntuitSolutions had launched a new checkout system to replace the original checkout. 

IntuitSolutions launched One Page Checkout (OPC) in 2018 and it was designed to give businesses on BigCommerce the ability to add necessary customizations to their checkout – exactly what Rock  Bottom Golf was in need of. Fast Forward to the fall of 2019, BigCommerce released a new Optimized Checkout for stencil. Since the introduction of this checkout, OPC has become obsolete and is no longer available. Unfortunately, Rock Bottom Golf relied heavily on IntuitSolutions’ OPC to keep the ordering process running smoothly. 

The Solution: Customized BigCommerce Checkout with New Features

Rock Bottom Golf requested their necessary features be migrated to the new checkout system. At the time, BigCommerce had not allowed any developers to have access to the new code. With some persuasion, an agreement was met making IntuitSolutions the first Partner or developer to have access to the new code and Rock Bottom Golf the first store with a new custom checkout. 

Billing and Shipping Detail Text

After previously having multiple order issues due to the typical size of packages, Rock Bottom Golf found it necessary to add some text and directions to ensure these issues were resolved. BigCommcerce’s standard checkout obviously does not allow custom text, so IntuitSolutions added a new field for text. 

With these new text fields, any additional details or directions can be added. Since adding this new text, Rock Bottom Golf has seen a significant decrease in the number of order issues arising. This allows for customer support to a more streamlined response to major issues.

Display Shipping Lead Time Information 

Who doesn’t want to know when their package is estimated to arrive? Rock Bottom Golf wanted to give customers a better idea of this before even choosing a shipping method. Each shipping method now displays the approximate date of when the package should be delivered. 

Whether it’s a last minute birthday gift or a broken club days before a big tournament, customers can choose the appropriate shipping method based on when they need their supplies by. This new lead time display cuts down on the amount of customers calling or emailing to ask when their package will arrive. Again, this allows for customer service to remain open to serious inquiries.

Hidden Comments Field Customization

Rock Bottom Golf was in need of tracking some custom details for orders. They wanted to be able to track gift cards and store credit usage details along with whether a customer opped-in to receive a free magazine. Since typically none of these details are specified, IntuitSolutions added custom hidden fields that automatically populate the details and display in the order confirmation. All of this additional information helps Rock Bottom Golf stay organized while getting orders out quickly to their customers. 

Additional Features 

Lastly, some more features were required to mimic Rock Bottom Golf’s original custom checkout. 

  • Migrate existing Privacy Policy and Terms detail text tailored to their specific industry and resell of used goods.
  • Update Shipping Method text as certain shipper integrations do not play nice with the new checkout yet.
  • Migrate existing Tax and Duties detail text.
  • Include text on Payment field to ensure payment is accepted.
  • Automatic Listrak Newsletter signup for domestic customers and manual signup for international customers.
  • Replace all instances of the word Shipping in checkout with Shipping & Handling since many goods are fragile and require proper handling.

The Results

After migrating and updating features of their checkout, Rock Bottom Golf has continued their appreciation for BigCommerce and IntuitSolutions. They can now keep their business running smoothly and deliver the best customer service just as they did before. Now that Rock Bottom Golf has been the first ecommerce store with a custom checkout, there will certainly be more to come from IntuitSolutions. 

Interested in custom checkout features for BigCommerce’s Optimized One-Page Checkout? If you have an idea or request for a custom feature on BigCommerce’s Optimized One-Page Checkout we’d love to hear from you. Contact us in the form below or give one of our experts a call at 1-866-901-4650.

Kate joined IntuitSolutions in August 2019 as an SEO/PPC Specialist. She focuses on overall marketing and has a hand in many different projects. She started her career as a WordPress designer which directly brought her into the world of digital marketing. In her free time you can find her playing with her dog, exploring new restaurants in the area, and enjoying nature.

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