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Man browsing on Laptop is a world-renowned online golf store offering tens of thousands of products from the biggest brand names in golf. With a driving focus on excellent customer service, ultra-fast shipping, and guaranteed “rock-bottom” prices, Rock Bottom Golf is always committed to improving the online experience for loyal customers and newer enthusiasts. 

Looking for more flexibility and control in BigCommerce checkout, the company collaborated with our team to achieve several modern upgrades, providing customers with a more engaging, streamlined checkout process.

The Problem: Checkout Limitations

Rock Bottom Golf’s unwavering commitment to customers is reflected in their continuous efforts to enhance their website and customer service, both driving forces behind their success.

Working with IntuitSolutions for many years now, together, they switched from Blueprint to Stencil, invested in Site Optimization & Support, implemented add-ons, and underwent two website re-designs.

Since the BigCommerce Optimized One-Page Checkout is fairly simple (for customer purposes), they wanted a few extra additions and customizations to help improve user experience and business operations. 

We were happy to help expand their current functionality with our custom checkout development services, ensuring a more user-friendly and efficient experience for their customers.

The Solution: Customized BigCommerce Checkout Enhancing UX and Business Operations

The flexibility of the BigCommerce Open Source Checkout enabled our team to customize the Ebizio Checkout App and expand the functionality of Rock Bottom Golf’s checkout page. 

Our team developed custom scripts on the checkout page to include preferred messaging in the shipping section as well as payment warnings and error messages.

Checkout improvements included the following features:

  • Billing and shipping detail updates to display shipping lead time information
  • Customized messaging in the shipping section providing relevant details and restrictions
  • Clear payment warnings and error messages for a smoother transaction process
  • Integration of fuel surcharge fees 
  • Inclusion of oversize handling fees
  • Consolidated cart fees into a single line item

Custom Messaging in Shipping Section

As customers enter shipping details during the checkout process, they now encounter supplementary messaging. This new information clarifies PO Box limitations and offers an explanation of taxes and duties associated with international shipping.

Since adding this custom text, Rock Bottom Golf has seen a significant decrease in the number of order issues arising. This allows for customer support to a more streamlined response to major issues.

Custom Checkout Shipping Message -
Custom Shipping Message for

Shipping Lead Time Information

Who doesn’t want to know when their package is estimated to arrive? Rock Bottom Golf wanted to give customers a better idea of this before even choosing a shipping method. Each shipping method now displays the approximate date of when the package should be delivered. 

Whether it’s a last minute birthday gift or a broken club days before a big tournament, customers can choose the appropriate shipping method based on when they need their supplies. This new lead time display cuts down on the amount of customers calling or emailing to ask when their package will arrive, allowing for customer service to remain open to serious inquiries.

Shipping Methods with Radio Buttons Showing Estimated Date of Arrival
Shipping Method Options in Checkout

Custom Messages in Payment Section

Our team redeveloped the opt-in messaging for magazine subscriptions, enabling customers to choose the subscription option during checkout instead of within their shopping cart. When an order includes a selected magazine subscription, a note is appended to the order comments in the merchant’s back office for seamless processing.

Magazine Subscription Opt-in Messaging on
Magazine Subscription Opt-in Message

A custom message is now included to remind customers to enter the billing address and CVV code exactly as it displays on their credit or debit card. It also directs customers where to call if they prefer placing an order with a Sales Representative.

Custom Reminder in Payment Section on
Payment "Warning" Message

Hidden Comments Field Customization

Rock Bottom Golf was in need of tracking some custom details for orders. They wanted to be able to track gift cards and store credit usage details along with whether a customer opted-in to receive a free magazine.

Since typically none of these details are specified, our team added custom hidden fields that automatically populate the details and display in the order confirmation. All of this additional information helps Rock Bottom Golf stay organized while getting orders out quickly to their customers.

Fuel Surcharge and Oversize Handling Fees

Rock Bottom Golf required all orders to include an additional fuel surcharge and an oversize handling fee for large or bulky products. Using the Product Fees Manager module of Ebizio Checkout, they now have the flexibility to modify when and where those fees are applied (by product category, SKU, and more).

Before this customization, the checkout displayed the fuel surcharge and oversize fees as separate products. To maintain a clean and organized checkout page, these fees are now combined into a single line item and accompanied by a tooltip icon that provides more information. Upon clicking the tooltip, a popup modal appears, outlining the purpose of the fees and their amounts.

For accounting purposes, merchants can see fuel surcharges and oversize handling fees listed separately in back-office reporting.

Fuel Surcharge and Oversize Handling Fee Bundled as One Line Item in Checkout
Fuel Surcharge and Oversize Handling Fees (Combined Line Item)
Fuel Surcharge and Oversize Handling Fees Popup Message in Checkout
Fuel Surcharge and Oversize Handling (More Info Modal)

The Results

After implementing new features in their BigCommerce checkout, Rock Bottom Golf has more control over their site’s UX, messaging and fees, and post-order processes. With the additional peace of having a smooth-running checkout page, they can focus on delivering outstanding products and customer service just as they did before.

Interested in custom checkout features for BigCommerce’s Optimized One-Page Checkout? We take on most development-intensive customizations for the BigCommerce Checkout and would be happy to discuss the specific details of your project.

Send us a message or give one of our experts a call at 1-866-901-4650.

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