BigCommerce Checkout Enhancement: Consolidating Taxes and Fees for Better UX

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Shopping online has never been easier, but taxes and fees during checkout can still be a source of frustration for both online shoppers and ecommerce merchants. Excessive or confusing fees can erode customer trust, lead to high cart abandonment rates, and ultimately hinder sales.

Fortunately, with custom-developed solutions for BigCommerce, merchants can gain more control over their checkout and resulting user experience. Read on to see how we helped one of our clients customize their checkout display, consolidate tax and fees, and streamline the shopping experience.

The Challenge: Creating a Shopper-Friendly View of Special Taxes and Fees at Checkout

From sales and excise tax to shipping protection, merchants may collect different checkout fees depending on what and where they sell.

Take for example BBWheels, an online business providing premium wheels, tires, and auto accessories to customers across the contiguous United States. Due to the nature of their business, BBWheels must contend with special tire-related fees.

Fees their customers see in the checkout will vary by product, state, and locality but may include:

For online shoppers, a long list of taxes and fees during checkout can confuse and potentially deter them from completing their purchase. BBWheels needed a way to make these fees more palatable while maintaining complete accuracy in calculating and reporting them in the back office.

While BigCommerce offers a default setting allowing merchants to roll all taxes and fees together, their business needed a custom solution that would provide more control over which were grouped together and which were displayed as separate line items in the checkout.

Our team was happy to expand their current checkout functionality with our custom checkout development services to meet business requirements and deliver a more user-friendly experience for customers.

The Solution: A Custom BigCommerce Checkout Leveraging Ebizio Checkout Technology

The flexibility of the BigCommerce Open Source Checkout and Ebizio Checkout technology enabled our team to provide a comprehensive checkout solution suited to BBWheels’ unique specifications.

BBWheels was already utilizing Ebizio’s Destination Based Product Fees app to calculate applicable fees by product and customer shipping address. Ebizio’s Event Manager was the launchpad for the additional functionality BBWheels requested.

Checkout improvements included the following features:

  • Checkout and cart fees update based on address and shipping information entered at checkout
  • Tire Recycling Fees and and Colorado Retail Delivery Fees become separate line items when applicable to the customer
  • Remaining fees are consolidated into one line item (sales tax)
  • Merchant can rename fees as needed
Checkout view: Special fees consolidated into one line item with Tire Recycling Fee and Retail Delivery Fee kept as separate line items

Get a Custom BigCommerce Checkout that Enhances UX and Improves Conversions

With the custom checkout enhancements for their BigCommerce store, BBWheels has greater control over how taxes and fees are displayed while customers enjoy a more straightforward checkout experience. 

If you need a custom BigCommerce checkout that gives you more control over your site’s UX, special ordering circumstances, and post-order processes, contact our team. 

We take on most development-intensive customizations for the BigCommerce Checkout and would be happy to discuss the specific details of your project. 

Send us a message or call us at 866-901-4650 to discuss how we can help your business succeed online.

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