Adding a WordPress blog to BigCommerce

When it comes to running an eCommerce store successfully, one of the best suggestions we have for businesses is to simultaneously run a blog. This can be on whatever platform you prefer, but having a source of high quality content relating to your brand and/or products can be invaluable in terms of basic SEO and general brand performance.

If people can find your brand, or if you can offer tips or solutions to common problems in the industry, people are generally going to find them via Google or Bing and are more likely to stumble upon your store in the process.

When it comes to blogging with BigCommerce, we generally recommend one of two options:

  1. 1. Customize the News Feed in BigCommerce to operate as a sort of a blog. We’ve covered this in detail elsewhere and have a BigCommerce app built specifically for this.
  2. 2. Use WordPress as blogging software either on a subdomain, or subdirectory on your site. Then send the recent posts feed to BigCommerce.

Until recently there wasn’t a way to feed to BigCommerce using WordPress but we now have a way to bring the most recent posts as well as any content from the posts themselves! Contact us today if you’re interested in integrating your WordPress blog into your BigCommerce site!

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