Integrated Blog Functionality on BigCommerce

One of the most requested features that we get asked about is blogging on BigCommerce. It is not something that is inherently built into the BigCommerce back office; there is no ‘blog’ setting when creating pages, and no setting to show all blog posts on a page like in WordPress.

IntuitSolutions, however, has come up with a solution! We can now create a blog page that not only displays all of the posts, or ‘news items’ that you create in BigCommerce, it also has a menu that lists all of the Blog Posts in the order that they were posted or written. We have created this customized page to meet the popular demand of people looking to have an integrated blog on their BigCommerce site, instead of linking to an external domain. We are already working on adding this functionality to several sites, but Click Here to see an active example of this blog functionality.

Have other customization needs or want to get a blog installed on your site today? Call us at 866-590-4650 or Contact Us via email.

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