Twirlygirl’s Custom API Functionality

Hiding Options in BigCommerce Product Listings

BigCommerce’s customizable API  allows us to make a number of exciting changes to tailor our clients’ sites to their own unique look and feel. By connecting data from a variety of applications, we can ensure real-time information and unique displays for visitors.

One recent customization we worked on was for Their selection of American made clothing for girls is available on a bright and cheery design that uses a colorful palate to compliment its vibrant products. To enhance the user experience, Twirly Girl Shop asked us to add some custom functionality using their inventory API. By using a real-time feed to their inventory levels, we made it so that only dress sizes that were in stock would display on a listing’s page.

These kinds of customizations are essential to optimizing the shopping experience. Hiding options that are unavailable to order streamlines the shopping process, reduces frustrating situations for shoppers, and guides users towards items that are ready to be bought.

There are a variety of circumstances where this customization could come in handy. From size and color options, to shipping methods, to sale price fields, a number of variables can be hidden when a product meets certain criteria, giving you dynamic control over your store. 

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