The Relationship Between SEO and PPC: IntuitSolutions’ Strategy

Introduction to Our Philosophy

There are two specific areas of improvement that are unquestionable barometers of success on an ecommerce website; Conversion Rate and Traffic. When looked at together, these two elements determine the success of your site because they translate to a business’s bottom line. Namely, how much money they are making. IntuitSolutions improves sales and websites by perpetuating a cycle of growth that focuses on Conversion Rate and Traffic. When employed in tandem, Monthly Managed SEO and SEM from IntuitSolutions will result in higher sales, and greater ROI.

Optimization and Interpretation are Key

IntuitSolutions will drive traffic to a site using various online shopping engines, marketing platforms, and strategic ad placement. Driving heavy traffic to a website gives us a lot of information about how people use that site and interact with its features. Using Google Analytics and other tools, we will examine this information about how people use the site, and identify areas of need. This can take a number of forms, including but not limited to poor usability areas, pages or actions with high bounce rates, design and layout flaws, etc. Making improvements in these areas falls under the umbrella of Monthly Managed SEO/Webmastering/Google Compliance.

The Correlation Between SEO and Online Advertising

Once we have identified these areas of need, we make updates and improvements to the site that will fix the issues. Improving these trouble spots, in turn, will result in a higher conversion rate for the site, which will impact an ecommerce site two-fold. Firstly, and most obviously, sales and income will increase as more people follow through with purchasing from the store. Secondly, and perhaps less obviously, is that the ‘Quality Score’ of the site will improve. Improving things like time-on-site, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc. will improve rankings with Google, which will not only result in higher Search Engine Rankings, but will also improve the cost-per-click for your Advertisements. Now the site is getting more traffic for the same PPC budget with Google, and provides a constantly improving resource (your site) for customers to make their purchase.

The SEO and SEM Cycle:

IntuitSolutions SEO SEM Cycle

The IntuitSolutions Strategy

So where exactly do we come in? We are experts at analyzing the data, determining what needs to be improved, making the updates in compliance with web best-practices, and making sure your site is performing as well as it can be. We ensure that a site can prosper and generate revenue, and work with the customer to set goals and expectations. This cycle, when implemented properly, with the appropriate budgets and care by both IntuitSolutions and the client, will result in great success for the business.

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