The Importance of Blog Location

Should your blog live on a Subdirectory or Subdomain of your site?

As you know, updating site content regularly is important for any website, especially E-Commerce. With eCommerce sites this can be accomplished with regular product database adjustments. Adding new product, updating product descriptions to make them more accurate and descriptive are just two examples.

Having a blog is another excellent way to update and add content. Often it is easier to write blog content than updating product content. Quality blog content will help build site authority and authorship authority. We think it is really important. Seriously, if you do not have a blog, you need to get one.

Upon set up there is a decision to make: Should the blog be installed on a subdomain of the site ( or into a subdirectory of a site ( Each have distinct implications in dealing with the site’s Search Visibility so lets lay it out:

Subdomain (
Blog will be treated as if on a different domain altogether. Advantages to this- if your blog’s content ranks well, you can have several search results for both your blog and main site, increasing the amount of SERP real estate you can own for a given search phrase so to speak .

Subdirectory (
The quality blog content is a part of the main site: and all traffic and rank is shared between the site and blog, making for a most effective way to build rank. It improves your sites link structure and authority on a given topic

Regardless, it is important to link properly from your blog to your eCommerce componets when appropriate. We’d recommend you install and keep your blog on your site’s subdirectory, ( unless you already own an extremely high ranking, authoritative site on another domain or subdomian.


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