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We process all support requests, both routine and emergency, through our client portal. If you don’t have access to the portal, email support@intuitsolutions.net to request access. Otherwise, please log in here.

Making A Request

Once you’re logged in, make a request:

Make A Request

Within the form, you can select from the following types of support requests:

  • General Question
  • Development Inquiry
  • WordPress Hosting and DNS Records
  • Billing Inquiry
  • BigCommerce Marketplace Apps
  • One Page Checkout Inquiry

Emergency Support

IMPORTANT: Emergency support requests are reserved for situations where your company’s BigCommerce site cannot conduct business solely due to a malfunction by an IntuitSolutions back-end application/customization, or, if your WordPress site is down for any reason (you will be reminded of these criteria on the Client Portal login page). Please note: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE STYLING OR TEMPLATE ISSUES. We are not able to work directly on your site outside of normal business hours.

If you are sure your request is an emergency, select *EMERGENCY SUPPORT* from the dropdown, regardless of topic.

If you do not select *EMERGENCY SUPPORT*, your request will not reach the emergency response team and will not be addressed until the resumption of normal business hours.

After hours and on weekends, the estimated response time for an Emergency support request is approximately 1-2 hours. Please refrain from submitting additional requests once the initial request is submitted, as this will create confusion in our ticketing system and may lead to delays. Instead, append any details to this Issue by navigating to the Issues page of your Client Portal and Creating a Note on your ticket.

Emergency Support

Note: If you don’t see your Issue listed, please wait a few minutes and check again (your Emergency Request should automatically convert to an Issue upon submission, but the system may take a few minutes to complete the conversion).

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