Setting Up a New Site on BigCommerce

When was in the market for starting an ecommerce website, they had narrowed down their choices to three: BigCommerce, Shopify and Volusion. They were interested in a fully hosted service (not a service like Magento, where the customer has to do a lot of the work).

They chose BigCommerce and support by IntuitSolutions. Let’s look at why!

Choosing an Ecommerce Service

Shopify had some of the best free templates, but they also charge a percentage per sale and PrintInZ was hoping to avoid that, so it came down to BigCommerce and Volusion. Cost was a significant element of the equation, and BigCommerce’s plans were a better fit for them as a startup.

They set their shop up on BigCommerce in 2013 and picked a free template just to get going. In 2014, a name change brought a desire to make some other changes to the site, and they began their search for a whole new look. They looked at a few other free templates, then moved on to paid templates, eventually purchasing the most expensive one. Unfortunately, money can’t buy happiness, and they were still frustrated with the lack of flexibility the paid template offered.

Powerful BigCommerce Apps

PrintInZ was very happy with the breadth of third party apps that are available for BigCommerce. They use three main apps, which were all easy to configure and integrate. For them, one of the advantages of a bigger ecommerce service like BigCommerce was that there are a lot of choices, bigger communities and more people that work with them and can integrate them.

IntuitSolutions, BigCommerce Experts

Over the next year, the business grew, and PrintInZ felt that the paid template still wasn’t good enough for what they wanted. They were starting to have an affinity for a certain look similar to some of the other companies in their market. Wanting to add a lot of pictures and video, they began shopping around the BigCommerce partner services page, talking to IntuitSolutions and a few others to get pricing and information.

A few months later, they chose IntuitSolutions because they felt they would have great lines of communication with us. Looking at the size of our company, they knew that our depth of experience would be able to accomplish what they wanted, yet we weren’t such a huge corporation that PrintInZ would be just another number. They highly valued dealing directly with the people who would be working on the project, and we were just the right size organization for their needs.

Looking to get a store on BigCommerce? We’ll help you start strong. Contact us today!

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