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Case Study: Selling a Service on BigCommerce With StriveIV

Reworking BigCommerce’s Limitations into Strengths

StriveIV is a unique business which sells, delivers, and administers IV bags to customers right in the comfort and convenience of their home or office. Being as their service is part of a relatively new health services trend, there was no established template on how to design their site. So we began by using the particularities of their business to inform our decisions.

Since StriveIV’s product line is relatively small, we wanted to shorten the sales funnel as much as possible. This meant showcasing the entire product line by category on the homepage – behavior which is not natively possible on BigCommerce, but which IntuitSolutions was able to achieve through custom code.

“One of BigCommerce’s biggest strengths as an e-commerce platform is its ease of use for a wide variety of vendors. However, this broad appeal can make customizations difficult to implement, which is why we leveraged our extensive knowledge of BigCommerce’s in order to accommodate StriveIV’s needs.”

-Aaron Nowlen, Lead Developer

Reduce Customer Confusion with Proven UX Design

One of the most significant challenges in designing the StriveIV site was keeping customer confusion to a minimum. Shopping for medical procedures, even minor ones, can be a stressful activity – even frightening. Therefore, our prerogative was to build credibility by displaying all pertinent information without overloading the customer’s senses with too much content. One of the ways we did this was by customizing the Product Call to Actions on the Homepage. Hovering your mouse over each action displays a small summary of the IV’s physiological benefits, with an invitation to go to the Product Page. This displays all the available options without an unnecessary wall of text.

StriveIV Call to Actions

IntuitSolutions’ developers pulled this previously inaccessible product content using an AJAX script.

Customizing Product Option Behavior for Add-on Products

Once on the Product Page, customers needed to be able to augment their IV purchases with additional boosts or injections. Generally, a product option known as a Add On Product would be used for this function. However, the native behavior of these Add On Products was rigid and the User Experience(UX) of having them all together on the same page was clunky. To counteract this, the developers at IntuitSolutions used their considerable knowledge on the hierarchy and functions of these options in order to group and style them into a more user-friendly system.

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