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Search Engine Marketing for More Leads and Revenue

At Intuitsolutions, we have a unique approach to SEO. Our focus is getting more relevant traffic to your eCommerce or local business site. Our team of search engine marketing analysts and web developers analyze your site to find solutions and ways to improve your overall conversion rate. A higher conversion rate means more revenue from your site and more leads from your website.

Clothing websites are some of the most competitive on the internet. A clothing boutique store from Texas came to us to increase their sales and revenue for their website. After an initial site review and analysis using Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics, we went to work. Content is everything when it comes to search engine optimization and this site was lacking relevant content. We worked on correcting the on page content structure as well as editing the content itself. We began working on this site to improve organic traffic on December 2013 and our work is still ongoing. We have however seen some early results.
Below is a chart showing an increase in traffic since the beginning of the year (2014)

Clothing store_organic_traffic

This chart from Google Analytics shows a sharp increase in traffic in Mid January as a result of cleaning up the content and improving the on page content structure. There is however more work to be done as the site still needs more content. We anticipate a gradual rise in organic traffic as we add more useful content for site visitors.

An online auto parts site Gruven Parts for VW and Audi motor vehicles came to us get more revenue from organic search traffic. We began working on his site in October 2013 and as of today (March 2014) the site has seen a 25% increase in organic traffic. We did this by adding more relevant content, updating the sites Meta descriptions and Title tags, fixing up errors identified in webmaster tools, performing keyword analysis and research, as well as other white SEO techniques.

The chart below shows the increase in organic traffic since we took over the management of the site’s SEO account;


As the chart shows, the site was seeing on average 500 visits a week before we took over the account. Since we began working on the site, it has seen a gradual rise in organic search traffic and the site now averages almost 800 visits a week. We anticipate this trend to continue as we add more relevant content for site visitors.

SEO has changed. Gone are the days when SEO managers focused on getting your site ranked for specific keywords. Here at IntuitSolutions, we work to improve your site user experience, improve conversion rates and help you make more revenue from your site.

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