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North Shore Commercial Door

The trusted experts in residential and commercial doors, parts, and accessories.

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A Custom BigCommerce Redesign

The Design

A fully responsive design on BigCommerce while staying true to the company’s established brand.


What We Did

General Services
  • Yahoo to BigCommerce Migration
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Site Optimization & Support
Custom Features
  • Custom Mega Menu
  • Exploded Parts View
  • Product Video Thumbnails
  • Sticky Add to Cart
  • 360° Product View 
  • Product Options Tooltip
  • In-stock and Lead Time Messaging
  • Custom Product Tabs – Smooth Scroll
  • Show More/Less on Category Page 
  • Popup Login Feature
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom UX Enhancements
  • "Base Theme"
  • ThemeBridge Staging

Their Story

For more than 35 years, North Shore Commercial Door has been the go-to destination for quality commercial and residential doors, parts, and accessories, boasting an extensive niche product selection big box stores struggle to match. Dedicated to world-class customer service and unmatched product knowledge, North Shore doesn’t just ship parts – they help customers get their doors working seamlessly.

With a growing customer base and expanding product catalog, North Shore recognized the need for a more modern and scalable online platform. They turned to the ecommerce migration experts, IntuitSolutions, to move their Yahoo store to a more robust solution – BigCommerce.

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North Shore Commercial Door Office Building
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The Challenge

North Shore Commercial Door is no stranger to adaptation. While many small businesses were shutting their doors during the economic uncertainty of the mid-2000s, the company looked beyond physical boundaries, ventured into the online world, and have been growing sales ever since. 

Despite achieving steady online success, North Shore Commercial Door was determined to take their operations to the next level of growth. While their previous site had served them for many years, they recognized the need for a more scalable and forward-looking ecommerce platform, like many other merchants that have outgrown Yahoo.

Key objectives for North Shore’s new ecommerce solution: 

  • Provide more design and development flexibility to elevate user experience
  • Optimize search engine visibility through more robust SEO features
  • Improve data integrity and accuracy to streamline future maintenance
  • Manage product feeds more efficiently across search engines and online marketplaces
  • Enhance back-office management for smoother day-to-day operations

The BigCommerce Solution

When looking for a new ecommerce platform that enabled their business to thrive, the answer was clear. With a modern design foundation, an abundance of built-in features, and flexible integration ability with apps and other technologies, BigCommerce is the best and most scalable ecommerce solution available today.

The platform would help North Shore improve product management, increase visibility in search, and streamline back-office operations to achieve the next level of growth.

The comprehensive solution for North Shore included:

  • Custom design and responsive development on BigCommerce
  • Product data cleaning, organization, and optimization
  • Database migration and integration with ERP and PIM systems
  • API and third-party module/apps integration
  • Ongoing site optimization and support retainer services

The new site design features a cleaner layout, clearer calls to action, and intuitive navigation based on user needs. With more robust search features and better-organized content, customers can easily navigate the vast product selection and feel informed instead of overwhelmed.

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Yahoo to BigCommerce Migration

The Process

& Data Migration

A creative process to produce a design tailored to the North Shore brand. Cleaning & optimizing data for an effective migration.

& Integration

Best-in-class custom BigCommerce theme development, custom systems integrations, and third-party app integrations.

& Collaboration

Rigorous browser and device testing. A collaboration with trusted partners to deliver a full enterprise solution.

& Support

A coordinated launch to complete the migration process, followed up with post launch audits and ongoing support.

A Closer Look

Site Customizations & Enhancements

Some highlights of the unique solutions we implemented for their new BigCommerce store.

Custom Mega Menu

A custom-developed Mega Menu for BigCommerce provides better organized, faster navigation for categories and products. A more usable navigation menu enhances the user experience by making it easier for customers to find what they need and complete their purchases quickly.

Custom Mega Menu for
Exploded Parts View for

Exploded Parts View

The Exploded Parts View feature provides customers with an expanded view of a product's components, eliminating guesswork from technical shopping and helping ensure customers receive the correct parts every time. Shoppers can quickly sort by brand, select their specific product, and click on the numbered parts to order what they need.

Show More/Less Option on Category Page

A custom-developed “show more/show less” option on the category page keeps important product category CTAs above the fold. Users can click “show more” to see additional information and “show less” to return back to the default view.

Custom show more/less option for
Custom show more/less option for

Custom Product Page Tabs – Smooth Scroll

This custom UX feature further enhances the Custom Product Page Tabs by enabling customers to click on a Product Page tab and scroll directly to that page section, helping them find pertinent information without making them navigate away from the Product Page.

Product Video Thumbnail

The Product Video Thumbnail enhancement is a great way to add rich media and convey a more professional look. This add-on improves engagement by incorporating product videos into the thumbnail gallery alongside the main product photo.

Product Video Thumbnail for
Custom in-stock and lead-time messaging for

Custom In-Stock and Lead Time Messaging

Who doesn’t want to know a product’s ETA before they order? This custom messaging feature on the Product and Cart pages displays in-stock status and product lead time, keeping shoppers in the loop when products are expected to reach their doorstep.

Sticky Add to Cart for Frequently Bought Together

This custom functionality keeps the “Add to Cart” button visible on mobile devices as the user scrolls down the page, helping shoppers add suggested products to their cart without having to scroll back to the top of the page.

Sticky Add to Cart Feature for Frequently Bought Together
Product Options Tooltip Providing More Info on Shipping Cost

Product Options Tooltip

Showcasing important information in an interactive format can make a big difference in user experience. North Shore’s hover-activated Product Options Tooltip provides customers with additional shipping cost details on the Product Page.

Discontinued Item/See Replacement Feature

If items are unavailable, shoppers will find a "view replacement" button that allows them to quickly locate comparable products that are still in stock. This feature enables customers to find alternative options promptly and avoid leaving empty-handed.

Discontinued Item Feature for
360 Product View feature for

360° Product View

The 360° Product View gives customers a multidimensional item view, removing the guesswork when shopping for technical products. This feature keeps users engaged while providing the clarity needed to make informed purchases.

Custom Video Resources Page

Even the most knowledgeable DIYers may require extra assistance installing their perfect door. This custom static page provides easy-to-navigate how-to videos for users looking for additional guidance.

Video Resources Page for
Popup Login feature for

Easy Popup Login

This simple popup window allows users to log in from any page, skipping the multi-page login process native to BigCommerce. A great add-on to ensure customers don’t lose their place in the purchase pipeline.

Notable Partners, Apps & Integrations

We tested, adjusted, and updated several third party integrations with the following providers:

  • Integration with ERP Solution, SAP One
  • Integration with Product Information Management System, Jasper
  • SEO Audit, Migration, and Optimization with Agital
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"Without great partners like IntuitSolutions, BigCommerce would not be where it is today."

Dan Fertig - BigCommerce VP of Partnerships


The Results

After migrating to BigCommerce, North Shore can give customers a feature-rich, enjoyable ecommerce experience and continue growing their online business to new levels. Through an ongoing partnership with IntuitSolutions, the North Shore team is poised to continue leveraging BigCommerce's advanced features and capabilities, improve site performance, and serve a wider audience. 

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner agency, we have successfully migrated hundreds of stores from Yahoo and other outdated platforms and are here to answer your questions about moving your website to BigCommerce. Whether you’re looking for a brand new BigCommerce store design or considering migrating to BigCommerce from another online platform, our team of BigCommerce experts can help.

Send us a message or give us a call to discuss how we can help your business succeed online.

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