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A Round-Up Of This Seasons New Launches

Summer may be winding down, but, at IntuitSolutions, we’re launching new add-ons for BigCommerce all the time. These add-ons are fixes for common merchant requests and problems that can be installed quickly by our expert developers. Check out this roundup of our most recent launches!

Size Chart On Product Page

What It Does

What’s one of the biggest – if not the biggest – barrier to purchase on an apparel site? Not knowing how the item will fit you. That’s why showcasing size information is such an important part of improving user experience.

Our Size Guide add-on lets customers access either product-specific or brand-wide size charts from a popup modal in the Product Detail Page. This lets customers access relevant sizing information without having to navigate away from the item they’re looking at.

Plus, this add-on is configurable by product. If you’ve got product-specific size charts for some of your products but brand-wide size charts for others, that’s totally fine.

Who Needs This

This is an ideal add-on for fashion and apparel sites and will help you improve signposting on your most important product information. It can also be used on sites in related industry or for other products that use size charts like accessories, helmets, uniforms or work gear.

Guided Tour/Walkthrough

How It Works

Need to walk customers through important information or complex Product Option Sets? Make it easy with this automated feature tour. A combination of tooltips and autoscroll guide the user through your page, prompting them to complete certain steps or view certain information.

Guided Tour/Walkthrough

You’ll work with our developers to design an experience that works for you. This feature can be added to any page of your site.

Who Needs This?

This add-on has a variety of useful applications across industries. You could use it to showcase mandatory warnings on certain products, provide a “feature tour” of a subscription service, or walk customers through complicated option sets. It can also be used to help customers buy bundled products or kits – giving you an upsell bang for your buck.

Product Option Tooltips

How It Works

Need to include a line of explanatory text under the Product Option Label on your BigCommerce site? This is how you do it. The instructional text can either appear as a tooltip on on hover or as a line of text directly beneath the label.

This is the best and simplest way to include instructional text on your Product Option Labels.

Text Beneath Product Option Label
The text can appear beneath the label, as seen here, or as a tooltip on hover.

Who Needs This?

This is a relatively simple and quick fix that can solve a variety of merchandising challenges across industries. You can use your text or tooltip to showcase a disclaimer or warning, explain a complicated option, or simple prompt customers to make a choice (“Choose a color”). It’s a small addition that makes a big difference in your user experience!

Quick Order Page

How It Works

This “smart search” feature is a discrete page on your site that lets you quickly and easily look up items and add them to Cart. You look up items by name or SKU, choose Quantity and Options, and build your Cart right from the Search Page.

This allows you to add multiple products to Car without navigating to the individual Product Detail pages. It automatically populates suggestions as you type and can be restricted by Customer Group.

Who Needs This

The Quick Order Page is ideal for any business where customers place regular orders of multiple products. It’s great for B2B shoppers (particularly those ordering from a shopping list), wholesale customers, or businesses that sell to schools or education facilities. You can also restrict access to sales reps and let them use it to build carts for phone sales.

Get The Best BigCommerce Add-Ons Today!

Interested in one of these new add-ons? Call today and we can install them on your site in about a week!

Need something similar but not quite the same? We’re happy to do completely custom design and development work. Call us to tell us more about what you need!

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