A BigCommerce Solution for the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

July 5, 2022 | |

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Effective July 1, 2022, any retailer who delivers tangible, taxable goods to a Colorado address is required to collect a $0.27 delivery fee. 

The fee applies to any taxable goods shipped, mailed, or otherwise delivered by motor vehicle to a Colorado purchaser, regardless of where the delivery originated. The $0.27 is charged per delivery, no matter how many items are included. 

As outlined in the new Colorado fee regulations, order receipts or invoices must state the retail delivery fees as one line item, separate from sales tax.

Complying with the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

For BigCommerce merchants, our Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Manager by Ebizio Checkout provides the ability to assign custom fees on storefront products based on the customer’s shipping destination. 

Since the new fee applies only to taxable sales delivered in Colorado, merchants can apply a flat fee to relevant products shipped to a Colorado address, with applicable fees automatically calculated based on the address entered at checkout. 

Need help preparing your BigCommerce checkout for the new Colorado fee regulations? Contact us today.

Additional Resources:

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