Case Study – TackleDirect.com Reels in Fishing Fanatics with a Custom Site Migration from Yahoo to BigCommerce

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TackleDirect, the World’s Premier Fishing Outfitter, is a specialty outdoor retailer offering the top fishing brands for saltwater, freshwater, and fly fishing. With world-class customer service, superior product knowledge, and a vast in-stock assortment of premium brands, TackleDirect.com is the online merchant of choice for shoppers serious about fishing.

With their previous website built on the Yahoo platform, TackleDirect experienced mounting frustrations and sought a better ecommerce solution for their growing business. They turned to the BigCommerce experts – IntuitSolutions – to migrate their Yahoo store to a more robust, scalable solution on BigCommerce. 

The Challenge: Limited by Platform Functionality and Future Growth

In the late 90s, Yahoo helped create the foundation for modern ecommerce – but times and technology have changed tremendously since then. The new industry leaders for ecommerce platforms, like BigCommerce, provide businesses of all sizes with superior technology and features Yahoo struggles to match.

The most common reasons to leave Yahoo include:

  • Outdated platform design 
  • Low feature content and usability
  • Lack of security features
  • Limited customization options
  • Poor app integration and flexibility

Yahoo’s lagging technology and security issues not only restrict online store owners from reaching their full earning and growth potential – it also creates vulnerability for security threats and cyberattacks from hackers. Add to this the less-than-flexible options available for website features and functionality, and many Yahoo merchants realize a move to a better ecommerce platform is imminent.

With its native functionality, customizable features, and scalable platform, BigCommerce is the ecommerce solution that grows with your business.

IntuitSolutions was tasked with building TackleDirect.com from the ground up, taking advantage of the BigCommerce platform’s flexibility while delivering a modern, streamlined user experience. This entire process was overseen by a dedicated project manager, lead designer, developer, and supported by an in-house team of BigCommerce experts.  

The Solution:  A Custom Ecommerce Design and Migration to BigCommerce

When looking for a new ecommerce platform that allowed for rapid growth, the answer was clear. With far fewer issues and an abundance of new features, BigCommerce is the best and most scalable ecommerce solution available these days, and can feel like a breath of fresh air for merchants making the switch from another platform. Additionally, its ability to technically scale far outpaces the restrictive nature of Yahoo. 

The comprehensive solution for TackleDirect.com’s replatform to BigCommerce included the following:

  • Custom design and responsive development on BigCommerce
  • Thorough cleaning, organization, and optimization of product data – performed by the TackleDirect team
  • Integration with Enterprise Research Planning software (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Point of Sale (POS) – performed by the TackleDirect team
  • API and third-party module/apps integration

Cleaning and Optimizing Data for an Effective Migration to BigCommerce

One of the biggest concerns when migrating an online store is losing the SEO value of your current storefront. While this is a valid concern, your listings will only improve when migrating your site with the right team spearheading the process. With a vast product catalog of over 100,000 SKUs available through TackleDirect.com, it was crucial to make these products shoppable and optimized for SEO.

Having clean data is incredibly important for any ecommerce site, but it is paramount when migrating an extensive product catalog to a new ecommerce platform. Yahoo allowed merchants to play with certain data variables, such as product options, custom fields, HTML, embedded code, etc., that may have worked well on that platform but do not play well with BigCommerce. Collaborating with our team throughout the project, TackleDirect’s in-house developer meticulously cleaned and organized product- and customer-based data before site migration and launch.

The Design

Site navigation is one of the most critical considerations when moving to another platform, and a great time to ensure your essential products are front and center. While responsive design is automatic for any new site built with IntuitSolutions, it’s the perfect time to review your overall site structure for usability issues so you can improve them during migration.

IntuitSolutions worked closely with TackleDirect to craft a fully responsive design on BigCommerce while staying true to the company’s established brand. After getting to know their product, industry, and competition, our team arrived at a design that integrated a clean layout, custom functionality, and a highly intuitive shopping experience.

Highlighted features of the new site design include:

  • Modern homepage design, with a simplified, condensed header, visually organized with clear calls to action.
  • Enhanced sorting features for product, style, and size variations.
  • Category and subcategory pages that utilize page space, text, and images to narrow ideal product results quickly.
  • Custom product page tabs organizing technical product information into more readable sections, including an order chart that displays real-time inventory information.
  • Segmented product recommendation carousels on the product detail page with integration from SearchSpring.
  • SEO Audit, Migration, and Optimization with Exclusive Concepts.
  • Custom Product Database API, Data Migration & Third-Party Integrations with Choose Your Company

Category Page

Subcategory Page
Product Detail Page

Product Detail Page
Cart Page

Custom Product Page Chart for In-Stock Updates

To make the design even more shopper-friendly, our developers custom-built an order chart for the product detail pages to help customers quickly see what’s in stock. Within the chart, customers can view product details, choose the right size or other options, adjust quantities, and add directly to their shopping cart. Each item is coded with a custom message such as “Price Match” or “Free Shipping” when applicable to that product or product variation.

Order Chart – Product Detail Page

Custom-Built Solution to Handle Product Option Variables

TackleDirect’s previous product catalog in Yahoo consisted of entirely flat products, meaning there was no option data for product variables – like size, color, etc. – set up in the merchant’s back office. Because BigCommerce does not have a current native solution to generate different levels of product options for an entirely flat product catalog, our team built custom front-end and back-end systems to create product options dynamically.

The system enabled us to create different product page views and functionality for each custom product type. This allowed us to manually handle the “add-to-cart” and “add-to-wishlist” functionality and create landing pages for each custom product type where the user can view all options related to a particular product.

It also created the ability to inject custom product data into pages to control customizations – the custom product chart illustrated above was one example of this.

How it works:

  • The back-end system handles generating JSON data containing relational data used to create product options on the front end.
  • This data is transmitted via TackleDirect’s API to the front end.
  • The front-end system requests this data and creates support for custom product types, including multi-option products, (organic) single-option products, and (organic) flat products.

Web Accessibility Improvements

A focus on web accessibility was also essential to the TackleDirect.com build. Web accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards, and design guidelines that help enable people with disabilities to use websites effectively. According to ADA title III, every business website has to be accessible to people with disabilities, or it will be at risk of being sued and facing unnecessary legal expenses.

Using the latest tools and technology, our team carefully analyzed TackleDirect’s current site to assess its level of accessibility in accordance with WCAG 2.1 guidelines. We provided a comprehensive report of issues and implemented improvements for the new site launch. They continue to work with our team for ongoing audits and improvements to website accessibility.

Monthly Site Optimization and Support Retainer

To maximize visibility in search results, a website must be developed with a solid SEO foundation – including clean code, effective metadata, optimized URLs, and much more. It’s equally important to continuously analyze, assess, and improve a site’s SEO to ensure lasting results as search algorithms change.

To strengthen their site’s performance, TackleDirect entered a Monthly Site Optimization & Support Retainer with IntuitSolutions and a Digital Marketing agreement with one of our trusted agency partners, Exclusive Concepts. This ongoing collaboration helps TackleDirect align SEO with their relaunched brand identity and make data-driven improvements to increase organic rankings over time.

The Results: A Modern, Scalable Ecommerce Website that Evolves with Customer Expectations

Migrating your online store from Yahoo to a modern ecommerce platform can be a significant undertaking, but the results are well worth the effort. After working with IntuitSolutions, TackleDirect.com now has a beautiful, feature-rich ecommerce solution fit for discerning clientele – equipped with the front and backend technology to scale without the headache.

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner agency, we have successfully migrated hundreds of stores from Yahoo and other outdated platforms and are here to answer your questions about moving your website to BigCommerce. Whether you’re looking for a brand new BigCommerce store design or considering migrating to BigCommerce from another online platform, our team of BigCommerce experts can help. Send us a message or call us at 866-901-4650 to discuss how we can help your business succeed online.

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