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Decrease Product Returns with Custom Reviews

Shabby Apple was one of our featured case studies recently (as well as a featured BigCommerce case study). We will dive into their custom review system a little deeper here.

When considering ways to increase conversions and lower instances of returned items, Shabby Apple wanted to implement additional facets to their review system. Overall, users can give a rating from 1-5 to three fields, rather than the standard BigCommerce five-star system. Shabby Apple reviews now include marks for “Fit,” “Fabric” and “Quality.”

Shabby Apple Custom BigCommerce Reviews
Shabby Apple’s Custom BigCommerce Reviews.

Additionally, reviewers are encouraged to input their own measurements to further support their comments. This way, a potential customer can see someone close to their own measurements recommending a size down. This helps cut down on returns and helps keep customer satisfaction growing ever higher.

BigCommerce standard reviews still offers some functionality, allowing approval of each incoming review before it publishes, but only our augmented system sends you notifications of each incoming review. We help reviews work for you, not the other way around.

“For us, [the custom review system] results in fewer returns, and helps us communicate more specifics about our garments by having customers who try it on and learn something about the product,” said LeSueur. “It helps other customers who might have similar concerns or priorities make their own buying decision. It’s helpful to the customers and helpful to us.”

“[The custom review system] results in fewer returns. It’s helpful to the customers and helpful to us.”
– Carl LeSueur, Co-Founder, Shabby Apple

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(Also, be sure to check out Shabby Apple’s new BigCommerce case study!)

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