Creating Dynamic Payment and Shipping Options for BigCommerce

BigCommerce Limitations on Product-Specific Payment and Shipping Options

BigCommerce makes it extremely easy to add different payment and shipping options to the checkout process. A merchant can offer several different payment options such as PayPal, free shipping, or the option to pay for your order physically in a retail location. Unfortunately, BigCommerce does not allow merchants to easily change when each of these payment and shipping options are available to a customer. Some products in your store may require specific shipping or payment options. A great example of this is any item, like firearms, that might violate PayPal’s Terms and Conditions and would need that payment option to be hidden. Alternatively, your store may sell certain items that would not ship well and require in-store pick-up, like ice cream.

IntuitSolutions Customization to Change Checkout Options

IntuitSolutions has developed a customization to modify the payment and shipping options that will show during checkout. This can be based on a wide variety of options and is completely dynamic. IntuitSolutions is able to harness the power of BigCommerce’s highly flexible checkout system and make it even more capable and productive. Whether some of your products require special shipping methods, or you need to change payment options based on your store’s customer groups, or any unique need in between, we can build a custom solution for your store.

Contact Us to Customize Your Store

We can easily tailor this customization to fit your store’s specific needs. Fill out our contact form today, and let us know how we can help you sell more in your BigCommerce store.

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