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April 19, 2013 | |

CR123 Batteries came to us by way of a long-standing customer. This customer had recently purchased CR123 Batteries (then hosted on proprietary software) and wanted to integrate it and other eCommerce sites using Webgility in order to sync with Quickbooks. We were already migrating some of his other eCommerce sites from the OSCommerce platform to BigCommerce, so it only made sense to redesign the site on the BigCommerce platform to simplify things further. By migrating each of the customer’s sites and redesigning CR123 Batteries on BigCommerce, we could have all of the order and shipping information synced with one Webgility account, all using the same payment processor. This will save our client time and money as he continues to grow his businesses.

We redesigned CR123 Batteries based on another site in the customer’s network of eCommerce sites, Fenix-Store.com. We wanted to keep the design simple, since there are only a handful of products available for sale on the site. We included a few customizations as well, including a dynamic Bulk Quantity Discount table and dynamic bulk pricing call-to-actions. We also migrated all of the reviews for each product onto the BigCommerce site from the old website which used Power Reviews. Another challenge for CR123 Batteries was using exported AdWords Campaign information to recreate those campaigns in the same panel as the customer’s other businesses, giving him easier and more complete access to all of his marketing information for multiple Ecommerce sites.

Before – CR123Batteries.com:


After – CR123Batteries.com:


In this and many cases, while the design and layout of a site is important, it is the nuts and bolts of the functionality of the project that are indispensable. The handling all of the redirects, simultaneous updating of the ad campaigns, integration with Webgility and Quickbooks, and coordination of the multiple sites are just a few of the things that IntuitSolutions handles with unequaled experience, quality, and service. This is also a great example of how migrating to BigCommerce can be great for your Ecommerce business, Contact Us today to migrate your store to BigCommerce!

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