Choosing the Right BigCommerce One Page Checkout

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More Sales with True One Page Checkout

When it comes to BigCommerce One Page Checkout, a quick Google search will provide you a few options. Which should you pick?

For, the answer was IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout for BigCommerce. wanted to improve their conversion rates, and the default multi-page checkout wasn’t getting it done for them.

Instead of using the standard single page express checkout within BigCommerce, they opted for a 3rd-party solution called One Step Checkout.

Owner Raffi Guezubeuyukian, however, quickly realized that it wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. “I only had [One Step Checkout] for a week! I changed it right away; a lot of people were having a hard time, complaining that they couldn’t see buttons like the PayPal button. I didn’t feel like [the company] would be able to fix the problem. People were freaked out; customers were calling me that they could not check out.”

“I only had [a competitor’s “One Step” Checkout] for a week! I changed it right away. Customers could not check out.”
Raffi Guezubeuyukian,

Raffi valued his customers and stability enough to know when it was time to move on from an incomplete solution.

BigCommerce “One Step Checkout”

The BigCommerce “One Step Checkout” was just not at all what it was advertised to be – a one-stop solution that simplifies your BigCommerce checkout to a single page, with a button that completes the order.

It was more of a means to an end; it did consolidate the dropdown sections, but still required additional steps to input payment information and confirm the order.

When time and ease of use are your goal, this slows down your checkout and causes more bounces, not less.

Other “one touch checkout” solutions for BigCommerce do the same, presenting the multiple steps in a way that makes you think your checkout is more efficient.

This is confusing for customers, because it doesn’t actually solve the problem that “one page checkout” searchers are attempting to obtain: seeing their order on one page, and clicking a “Submit” button.

IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout for BigCommerce

IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout for BigCommerce takes these pain points and eliminates them.

IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout.

Javascript alerts your users to incomplete required fields instantly, automatic zip code fill populates your city and state based on zip code, and our credit card module recognizes what type of card it is just by typing your number.

Our application works with all standard BigCommerce payment gateways and settings, and even works with promotional codes. Customers can also create an account easily post-checkout.

For, the benefit is clear. “I [went with IntuitSolutions] because it’s worth the price; I’m happy with it,” says Raffi. “There hasn’t been one customer complaint so far. It should be the standard BigCommerce checkout!”

“It’s worth the price. It should be the standard BigCommerce checkout!”
Raffi Guezubeuyukian,

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