Case Study: Migrating Custom Software With ThemeBridge

Case Study: Migrating Custom Software With ThemeBridge sells boating tools and accessories.  They were mostly content with their existing design, but needed to move from Blueprint to Stencil.  Normally this would be a straightforward job, but they had a custom product selection tool on many of their category pages.  The tool was designed to help customers select the appropriate tools and accessories for their make and model of boat. There were individual modules for each category that incorporated the selection tool, and they had been built by another third party developer.

After some testing, we understood that we would be able to migrate the code rather than rebuilding the tools, but that still left the problem of replicating the product catalog on a sandbox site.  Once the user entered their selection, the app would populate the page with the appropriate products in that category for that boat. We could only test the code if we knew the app would have access to all of the products that needed to be displayed.

Fortunately we were able to use the IntuitSolutions ThemeBridge to view the new theme with all of its customisations before applying it to the live store.  By the time launch day arrived, we had tested all of the custom product selectors using the client’s full product database, and were ready to launch the new theme with fewer anticipated launch day tasks than our previous migration process, as well as fewer unanticipated hiccups along the way.

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