Case Study: Custom Product Variant Table Optimizing Wholesale UX on BigCommerce

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Running a wholesale business online presents a unique set of challenges. Merchants are responsible for showcasing a diverse range of product options — from size and color to style and flavor — and also ensuring they’re accessible for bulk buying. But an abundance of choices can quickly complicate the buying journey for customers, while making the backend management of product variants overwhelming for merchants.

Our BigCommerce developers are well versed in these challenges and have flexible solutions ready to help. See how a custom-developed table on the Product Detail Page helped one BigCommerce merchant simplify their shoppers’ experience while giving their business flexible control over product management in the back office.

The Challenge: Streamlining the BigCommerce B2B and Wholesale Shopping Journey for Diverse Product Variants

Online customers always seek a straightforward path to the perfect product, whether it’s locating a specific size, matching a unique color, or finding another particular variant. Wisemen Wholesale, an online distributor of vapes and smoke shop accessories, needed to offer customers an easier way to find the right product, right flavor, and when applicable, the right amount of nicotine.

Because product variants in BigCommerce generate unique SKUs, the default functionality creates a separate product page for each product variant. Unfortunately, requiring customers to navigate through multiple pages to find different product varieties they need could potentially drive them away—and to a competitor’s site.

Wisemen Wholesale’s goal was twofold: deliver a more user-friendly experience for B2B buyers and maintain streamlined back office management of product variants. Our team stepped into the challenge to create a custom solution addressing both.

The Solution: Custom Table for Product Variants on the Product Detail Page

Style and functionality came together seamlessly for Wisemen Wholesale’s custom table on the Product Detail Page. Upon finding their desired product, users can easily select multiple flavors and nicotine levels and adjust for the right quantity before adding to the cart. 

The custom-developed product variant table included the following features:

  • Leverages custom styling to match the website’s branding
  • Displays current stock levels for each product combination and shows an “out of stock” message when necessary
  • Requires customers to be logged in to view pricing
  • Offers a “nicotine strength level” option
  • Provides flexible control in the merchant’s back office to add or update product options
Custom Product Variant Chart for

The Results: Improved User Experience and Enhanced Merchant Control for Wholesale-Friendly Product Options

The implementation of the custom-developed table enhanced Wisemen Wholesale’s approach to selling their large assortment of products online. It significantly improved user experience, made product selection more efficient, and provided enhanced control over product variants from the back office perspective.

Whether you sell wholesale and B2B or are just looking for a more efficient way to manage product variants, we have a custom solution to help your online store. Send us a message or call us at 866-901-4650 to discuss how we can help with your specific project.

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