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Case Study – Custom BigCommerce Design & Development for

hpg brands website homepage

In 2017, HPG was formed with one goal in mind: to make the best of the best even better. HPG’s brands are top-rated leaders in their fields, with numerous awards under their belt for service, quality, and products that are ‘wow’. As a top 10 supplier in the $25B promotional product industry, HPG sets the gold standard in hard goods.

HPG produces thousands of innovative products across seven different production facilities in North America and delivers them to customers at warp speed. They understand the importance of creating memorable branded experiences, and their team works with their customers every step of the way to create products their customers can be proud to put their logo on.

The Challenge: wanted to improve the current functionality and design of their website on the BigCommerce platform. This was part of the company’s overall strategy, which included consolidating their brands into one site, streamlining the product search and sample ordering process, optimizing the overall user experience, implementing bulk pricing, and facilitating their ability to gather customer feedback and information.

The Solution: A Custom BigCommerce Design

With nearly 20 years of experience in ecommerce services and seven years as an Enterprise Partner, working exclusively on the BigCommerce platform, IntuitSolutions has the breadth and depth of industry expertise to fully execute HPG’s vision for an improved website. Our Custom BigCommerce Design & Development package includes everything they need to successfully implement the new functionality and design on their BigCommerce site and take their online business to the next level.

New Custom BigCommerce Designs

hpgbrands desktop new bigcommerce site
hpgbrands mobile new bigcommerce site

HPG worked with our design team to build an optimized custom BigCommerce design with the following goals:

  • Increase conversion and improve user experience with custom designed landing pages
  • Grow customer loyalty by adding the brands to showcase who the supplier is on product detail pages
  • Enhance brand awareness by adding brands to the menu bar and link to landing page
  • Additional information for the user by adding brand logos as thumbnails in search results
  • HPG can now create custom landing pages for future campaigns

Improve Processes with BigCommerce Customizations

Our expert BigCommerce developers successfully customized by improving processes and the search functionality.

  • Implementing the ability to search within a brand assortment by selecting a brand in the search menu by  leveraging the native BigCommerce search functionality
  • Facilitate the ability to order samples in a standard ecommerce experience with custom pricing
  • Additional functionality to request virtuals on the Product Data Page using Jotform
  • Customized the product data pages to show stock availability

BigCommerce Expert Developers

As Certified Elite BigCommerce Partners who work exclusively on BigCommerce, our team worked with HPG on finding personalized solutions for their ecommerce business.

  • Work with our developers on installation of third party marketing automation and an integrated live chat tool 
  • Enhanced the customers purchase journey by implementing a Shipping Calculator 
  • Developed the US site and streamlined the replication process for the Canadian site
  • Improved user experience by integrating Google translate for users to select their language choice

BigCommerce Add-ons & Plugins

In addition to the custom design, our developers implemented several custom add-ons on Some of these add-ons include: 

Bulk Pricing Table

Bulk Discount Pricing Table

The Bulk Pricing Table add-on was implemented by our in-house developers to improve the site’s user experience. Customers can now easily see Quantity Discounts and Bulk Discount Rates. Make it easier for customers to see and understand bulk pricing information, decreasing customer confusion and abandonment. Improve pricing information for Wholesale and Bulk customers by visually communicating the most important information.

Learn More 


  • Perfect for B2B and Wholesale customers
  • Improve pricing information across site
  • Make bulk ordering easier


  • Customers can easily see discounts based on Bulk Quantity
  • Customized graphics match your website design

Product Page Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs

Create tabs on your Product Pages, organizing Product information into more readable sections. This highly customizable add-on lets you choose the number of tabs and easily fill in and edit the relevant information. In addition to plain text, you can include charts, tables, videos, and more.

If you have complex product Information, this add-on gives you the SEO benefits of having valuable content on your page without compromising on user experience and readability.

HPG worked with our experts to identify which tabs improved the customer’s experience the most. Our developers modify the product description framework, so that inputting the relevant information is easier.

Learn More

Here are some of the most common use cases for Product Page Custom Tabs:

  • Technical specifications (spec tables)
  • Ingredients or nutritional information
  • Videos, gifs, rich media
  • Warranty information


  • Custom Tabs anywhere on Product Page
  • Merchant is responsible for population of information
  • Type and number of tabs can vary by Products
  • Installed in 3-5 business days
  • Mobile-friendly—Works on any device
  • Works on all BigCommerce themes

The Results

IntuitSolutions collaborated with HPG to customize and update your BigCommerce website with the help of our team of expert BigCommerce developers. IntuitSolutions was able to find personalized solutions for their ecommerce business. Our team added many different types of functionality without sacrificing the website’s performance.

IntuitSolutions supported HPG’s overall strategy to consolidate their brands into one site and streamlined the product search and sample ordering process. Our developers worked on  optimizing the overall user experience of the site to increase conversions and brand awareness. Our team improved’s performance with BigCommerce Add-Ons and by implementing custom functionalities.

Is your BigCommerce store design doing your business justice? We’re an Elite BigCommerce Partner and work exclusively on the BigCommerce platform. Shoot us a message or give us a call, 866 901 4650, to discuss how we can help your business succeed online.

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