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Page Load Speed Optimization
Get your BigCommerce site running faster with our page speed package!

What is Page Speed?

Page speed measures how fast the content on your site is able to load. This includes the time from the customer clicking the link to your site until the full content on the page has loaded. Faster pages have higher conversion rates and rank better in search engines, so there’s no doubt that faster is better. People can’t buy anything off your site if it never loads.

How Does this Affect SEO and Conversions?

  • Slow sites have fewer pages crawled and indexed because Googlebot and the other search engine spiders can’t get to as many pages within their allotted “crawl budget.”
  • The average consumer expects a page to load in 1-2 seconds.
  • Studies have shown that major online retailers saw significant increases in conversion rates for every second their page-load time was improved.

Addressing any issues with how quickly your site’s pages load can be a huge factor in your sales.

Site Speed is Important for Mobile and Tablet Conversions

If a site loads slowly on a desktop computer, it’s likely going to load much, much slower on a mobile phone. Phones and tablets have less memory and processing abilities, and it takes more for those devices to churn through all of the information on your site. 4G and LTE networks are improving, but it’s key to focus on how well your site is performing on slower networks and optimize. More and more internet browsing is happening on mobile phones and tablets, so you need to account for whether your site’s speed is negatively affecting the mobile experience.

Our Page Speed Optimization Package

We have put together a highly specified package of improvements that we can implement on your site to streamline code and improve the site speed. We tackle your CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and additional items that tend to impact load time.

After this is implemented, you can expect to see lots of improvements:

  • Quantifiable load speed improvement
  • Better overall user experience
  • More organic traffic
  • Better Quality Score for Google AdWords, so any paid traffic may cost less
  • Improved conversion rate on traffic
  • Fewer complaints and bad reviews from customers

Do the smart thing for your BigCommerce site and improve your page load speed

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