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Compliance App For Regulated Products

Our BigCommerce Age Verification & Compliance App is a highly customizable checkout independent age verification system powered by Veratad. Selling vape, tobacco, alcohol, and any other age restricted products can be daunting from a compliance perspective, so we created a frictionless system that allows for zero interruptions of sales, and helps you meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

You control the sales.

Our software processes customer information after an order is placed, and you will ultimately decide how to handle verification failures. We’ve completely optimized the age verification process. If your customers’ name and address pass initial tests, GREAT, but we’ll also provide second and third attempt verifications, automatically authenticating age with additional data like social security number, birthdate, and photo identification. Regardless of the process, you will choose which sales you approve and reject.

We give your business the tools and confidence it needs to succeed in any highly regulated eCommerce market.

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How does the app work?

We’re glad you asked.

Veratad gives customers multiple attempts to pass age verification with a three-step process:

FIRST – Veratad attempts to check your customer’s age using the name and address provided at checkout, and if everything checks out, your customers will never know they’ve been verified.

THEN – If we’re unable to verify a customer’s age with the information as it was entered during checkout, merchants have the option to request additional details, or request that customers re-enter often-mistyped details, in order to make another attempt. Each of the extra fields, like birthdate, zip code, last name, etc., can be set as optional or required for the customer to enter, in order to submit the second-chance verification.

FINALLY – If Step 2 fails, customers can upload a photo ID. Uploads can be verified automatically with Veratad’s photo recognition software*, or authenticated manually by the merchant. Customer documents are stored and made easily accessible in your merchant center. (*Note: this feature requires you to use Veratad’s Document Capture and Management Solution.)

This is all about your process.

You choose the age range, can adjust settings for specific states, and control what products should be regulated. Our custom age verification solution works with any BigCommerce checkout process.


The Best Age Verification & Complaince App For Your BigCommerce Store


Some age verification software solutions require you to pay a fee every time a transaction is processed, but we’ve done things differently. You will pay per customer acquisition. Once a customer is verified, they stay verified and you won’t be charged for additional sales that they produce. Additionally, the app gives you the ability to import a list of pre-approved customers.

You are in control.


The app’s form fields are completely customizable via HTML, and installation is a breeze; you can install the software yourself, or have one of IntuitSolutions’ highly skilled and customer centric developers customize and install the app for you. You will be processing orders and staying compliant with regulations within the week that you purchase.

If you sell:

  • Vape Products

  • Other Tobacco Products

  • Alcohol

  • Any Other Age Restricted Products

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Our BigCommerce Veratad Age Verification & Compliance App is for you.

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