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Faster page speed, cleaner code, better SEO: now’s the time to move your BigCommerce site from Blueprint to the Stencil framework. Whether you want to recreate your existing design or try something new, we have a Stencil move package for your business.

Why Upgrade to Stencil Now?

Still on the outdated Blueprint framework? Don’t wait until your site experiences unresolvable issues. Meticulously developed for web standards compliance, web design and development best practices, BigCommerce Stencil is the most modern, high-performing framework available for e-commerce sellers.

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BigCommerce Stencil Features

Stencil isn’t just a different BigCommerce framework: it’s an upgrade and a better overall foundation for your e-commerce site. As BigCommerce releases new features for Stencil themes, the list continues to grow.


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Faster Website Speed

Over 50% of users will leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3-5 seconds. Stencil uses modern standards and efficient code to speed up web pages, helping you build trust and drive conversions.

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Developer-Friendly Code

Stencil works better because its actual code is better – more minimal, more efficient and easier to customize. For merchants, this means less development cost associated with setup and customization.

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Site Stability & Support

Merchants still on Blueprint often begin to experience broken features and functionality, leading to a decline in site traffic and other preventable issues. With BigCommerce support quickly phasing out for Blueprint sites, there is no guaranteed fix for these issues.

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Built-In Customization Options

More payment options, trust seals, and other marketing features allow merchants to customize storefront attributes easily. Using Stencil’s Page Builder tool, store owners can easily customize a theme’s colors, typography, banners, headings, carousel, and footer with no coding required.

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Enhanced Mobile Experience

With an upgrade to Stencil, you can have confidence your online store is optimized to engage and convert shoppers across all devices. Stencil uses modern standards and efficient code to scale better on phones and tablets.

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Improved SEO Ranking

Factors like page speed, efficient code, and mobile-responsiveness all affect page ranking. Thanks to its many baseline improvements, Stencil is optimized to boost your site’s SEO and make it more visible across search engines.

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Why Work With IntuitSolutions?

Simply put, we’re the BigCommerce Design and Development Experts. As early adopters of the Stencil framework, we specialize in hassle-free site upgrades that don’t require you to take your site offline or break your design.


We’re Trusted BigCommerce Migration Experts

With IntuitSolutions, you’re working with experts not only in website development, but with BigCommerce itself. We’ve been a BigCommerce-exclusive agency since the platform’s inception in 2009 and moved dozens of sites from Blueprint to Stencil, understanding the intricacies of both frameworks.

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No Site Downtime or Missed Orders

Our developers can locally develop, customize, and preview any Stencil theme without impacting your live storefront. Before going live, merchants can see changes with ThemeBridge™, the first and only true production-like staging environment built specifically for the BigCommerce platform. We never take your old site offline – and you don’t miss a single sale during the process.

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Recreate Your Design or Try Something New

Our developers can closely replicate your current design or work with you to create something fresh and exciting. Preserve and strengthen your site’s brand by moving to Stencil the right way with IntuitSolutions.

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Keep Your Existing Site Customizations

Have a highly-customized site? Not a problem. We can move your existing customizations from Blueprint to Stencil — and ensure they work even better when your new site launches.

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Your Work is Never Outsourced

With IntuitSolutions, you partner with a 100% U.S. based development team that understands and collaborates with your business. Reach out at any point as we work together — we’re always available to answer your questions and concerns.

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Choose From Flexible Package Options

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across a broad range of industries, and understand that moving to Stencil isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’ll provide Stencil upgrade options that fit your business and budget.

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BigCommerce Clients We Work With

  • Rock Bottom Golf
  • Forth CBD
  • BB Wheels
  • Berlin Packaging
  • Baudelaire Soaps
  • Dinovite
  • Walgreens
  • Pacer
  • Fujitsu
  • Bulk Apothecary
  • Sports World Chicago
  • HD Supply
  • Gentex Corp
  • 4 Moms
  • Emergency Kits
  • Get Your Good Skin
  • Raney's Truck Parts

Switching to Stencil FAQs

BigCommerce Blueprint vs. Stencil: What’s the Difference?

Stencil is BigCommerce’s current theme platform that incorporates the latest best practices in technology, design standards, conversion, and SEO. A common misconception is that Blueprint and Stencil are just different styles of BigCommerce theme. In fact, the differences between them are much deeper. Stencil and Blueprint are different frameworks.

A framework is the foundational code base that a website is built on. It’s like the engine that powers a car. Stencil outperforms Blueprint because its “engine” (code base) is better.

As stated by BigCommerce, “Blueprint, our legacy theme framework, was built on a rigid, proprietary codebase, making it difficult for developers to customize and extend theme functionality. Stencil themes are built on non-proprietary, open-source code to minimize the learning curve for developers and to provide access to the best developers in the industry.”

Can’t I just copy my Blueprint site over to a new Stencil theme?

When it comes to Blueprint and Stencil, the actual code is different. Our developers have to “translate” what was coded according to Blueprint’s conventions into Stencil’s framework.

Stencil’s code is written in a much more modern and developer-friendly way than Blueprint’s. Not only will this improve site performance and SEO, it will save you money in the long term when it’s easier for your developer to make further changes.

Will moving to Stencil hurt my SEO?

This is a common misconception based on a misunderstanding about what it actually takes to move your site to Stencil. Site migrations – such as moving a site from another platform, like Shopify to BigCommerce – can interfere with your rankings if not done properly (and, even when done properly, usually still have a temporary negative effect).

But a Stencil move isn’t a migration. It’s the same website and platform, just with better code. So, while Google’s bots will have to recrawl it, they’ll encounter streamlined code and a user-friendly, modern design. This will actually boost your SEO rankings, which has been the experience of our clients that move to Stencil from Blueprint. Across the board, we see that clients who move to Stencil see SEO improvements.

Can I keep my site’s current customizations and add-ons?

This is one of the most common questions that we get from merchants thinking about moving to Stencil. The short answer is: yes, you can, and they’ll perform even better on Stencil. The slightly longer answer has to do with how these customizations are developed.

Stencil allows developers to create customizations by making modifications to its base code. This is the best and most efficient way to create a customization. For example, if you wanted a make a change to your your Shopping Cart, the developer can write code that works with Stencil to tell the Shopping Cart what to do.

This isn’t the case with Blueprint, where the code base cannot be modified. Customizations written on Blueprint must work against the existing behavior, resulting in bulky code that slows down your loading time. For example, if a developer wanted to make a change to the Shopping Cart on Blueprint, they couldn’t just tell Blueprint to do it. They’d have to stop Blueprint from executing its default behavior before being able to tell it to do the new behavior. This is far less efficient.

Which BigCommerce Theme Platform do I have?

How do you know which platform your BigCommerce store is on? The easiest way to tell is by going to the back office of BigCommerce, and within the control panel go to the “Storefront”. If you see “Footer Scripts” listed then your store is on Stencil, if not, then you are on Blueprint. Learn more about how to check your theme here.

Do I have to make changes to my BigCommerce back office?

No! This is one of the most convenient things about a Stencil move. Migrating from Blueprint to Stencil does not mean you will need to reimport all of your data or rebuild products, categories, etc.  Since it’s the same website, your inventory can stay the way it is. Moving to Stencil only affects the customer-facing part of your site.

Why should I hire a developer instead of buying a template?

Unfortunately, there is no copy and paste method to convert a store. You can simply choose and apply a theme, but that does not guarantee that everything on your store will work correctly, and any customizations that you currently have will not exist anymore. 

The best method to convert a store from Blueprint to Stencil is by getting BigCommerce experts to rebuild your BigCommerce theme on Stencil.

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