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Their Story

Printronix Goods

Printronix originionated in Playa del Rey, California. Their business has grown to address customers’ needs on a global scale for mission-critical industrial printing. For over 40 years, Printronix has become known in numerous industries including retail, government, and logistics enterprises. They offer two very trusted brands in the back office and supply chain printing,  Printronix and TallyGenicom. 

As a global industry leader in innovative print products, solutions and services, Printronix continually works to provide their customers with quality goods and experiences. They were in need of a new custom design and development that would stand true to the company’s brand identity. It had to showcase the importance of providing innovative printing products, solutions and services in industrial environments. 

The Problem: An Outdated Platform and Website

Printronix website

Printronix approached IntuitSolutions initially for various customizations and add-ons for their website that was still on BigCommerce’s Blueprint framework. The need to upgrade to the BigCommerce Stencil framework was evident as BigCommerce continued to roll out new features only available on Stencil. 

BigCommerce officially no longer provides support to stores that are on their Blueprint framework. To Printronix, this meant that any issue that arose could lead to lost profits with no quick solution. They knew they needed to mitigate the risk of being on an unstable framework. They knew that staying on Blueprint any longer may be detrimental for their business.

The Solution: BigCommerce Stencil

IntuitSolutions advised Printronix to upgrade their site to the new Stencil framework. With our ecommerce, design, and search engine optimization expertise, IntuitSolutions proposed a unique design to go along with the move to Stencil. 

Blueprint to Stencil

Stencil Framework

The BigCommerce Stencil framework is faster, better coded, more flexible, and “future proof”. This gives your customers a unique and engaging user experience tailored to your product offering. Stencil offers mobile-responsiveness from homepage to checkout with any BigCommerce theme. Additionally, it helps your store get more traffic with customizable, SEO-friendly URLs, and out-of-the-box Metadata and robots.txt editing. These are all reasons why Printonix was eager to make the switch.

“Stencil is the baseline for the next generation of Bigcommerce sites, providing companies with unique custom capabilities and freedom in SaaS for the first time.” – BigCommerce 

Custom Website Design 

Printronix Trust Badges

Printronix worked collaboratively with IntuitSolutions on their comprehensive Custom Design and Responsive Development to implement a truly exclusive design on Bigcommerce. 

The new design speaks to their customer base and makes buying from their website easy and enjoyable. Our design and development team worked to develop a beautiful design and layout based on research, data, and experience. Some of those custom features include:

  • Custom above the fold trust badges
  • Premium showcase of featured brands
  • Above the fold quick finder section for ribbons
  • Custom related products tabs
  • And more!



Once approval of the design was given, our development team used the latest responsive coding practices to get started. The site was tested across a range of devices, browsers and operating systems. Development, testing, and launch of was very straightforward with the use of the ThemeBridge™ App.

ThemeBridge™ allowed us to develop the new theme while seeing it populated with Printronix’s live content and product data. ThemeBridge™ also granted Printonix access to browse the new site prior to launch. 

ThemeBridge™ allows you to see the development progress in real time – a process that no other development agency offers. This BigCommerce app ensured a smooth transition from their Blueprint theme to our new Stencil design. ThemBridge™ is available in the BigCommerce app marketplace.

US and UK Stores 

The new design was built for their US store, but Printronix also sells products in the UK. For pricing and currency purposes Printronix wanted a separate UK store. For consistency, the design we developed was also applied to their UK website. IntuitSolutions was able to transfer over everything that existed on their US store to the UK store. The stores are nearly identical.

Printronix USA store overview
USA Store
Printronix EU store overview
UK Store

The Results

Printronix’s new Stencil site was successfully launched in November of 2019. Printronix continues to work with IntuitSolutions to improve their website as they grow and standards change. As a company, Printronix strives to give their clients genuine experiences through their products and services but also through their website. Since the launch, they have been satisfied with the new website and appreciative of .

Interested in a custom BigCommerce design or an upgrade to Stencil? Contact us today or give us a call at 1-866-901-4650.

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