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One of the great things about the BigCommerce platform is how easy it is for developers to add custom features to a website. A great code base means that you can leverage and extend your website to do pretty much anything you want.

At IntuitSolutions, we take advantage of this by creating what we call add-ons: site customizations based on common BigCommerce merchant needs and requests. Some are for more niche industries or merchant needs but others are designed to improve user experience on any site.

With that in mind, we put together the most essential BigCommerce add-ons: the ones that drive results, regardless of your industry or business model.

Popup Login Window

One simple way to improve user experience on any BigCommerce site is to streamline the login process. Our Popup Login Window add-on lets customers log in from any page on your site using a convenient modal. Customers can log in with less time and effort and without losing their place in the purchase pipeline.

This add-on is especially useful for sites that require customers to log in to see pricing but can improve user experience on any site. Like many of our add-ons, it’s configurable. Some sites may choose to have the login in the navigation bar while others – particularly those with sign-in pricing – may have it on the Product Detail page.

Popup Login Window
Let customers log in from a convenient popup window.

One simple way to improve user experience on any site is to streamline the login process.

Images and Rich Media

Great product photos aren’t just important for fashion and apparel sites. Increasingly, customers expect them across industries, even on highly technical products or basic items like batteries and lightbulbs.

Optimizing the images and rich media on your ecommerce site can seriously boost conversions.

Optimizing the images and rich media on your ecommerce site can seriously boost conversions. It improves interactivity, adds visual sophistication, and builds trust by letting customers examine product details for themselves. What add-on you choose depends on the assets you have, but one or more of the following could be a great addition.

Image Swap on Hover

This add-on creates a toggle effect when a customer hovers over a Product on the Category, Brand, or Search pages by swapping out the featured Product Photo with the second one. It’s great for showcasing popular colors or options, or showing off a different angle.

Image Swap On Hover
Hover over the image to see the second Product Photo appear.

360 Degree Product Images

If you have 3D product images, IntuitSolutions can leverage them into a rotating, 360 degree product image that the user can “spin” with the cursor or their fingers. The rotating images are fully responsive and appear in the thumbnail gallery with the rest of your Product Photos.

360 Degree Product Image
Show off every angle of your Product.

Videos In Product Thumbnails

Make the most of great video assets by making it easier for customers to find them. This customization automatically pulls the Product Video and displays it alongside your photo thumbnails, allowing customers to easily access and watch it while clicking through the gallery.

video in thumbnail
The video appears as a thumbnail beneath the main Product Image.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers are a staple on nearly all of the most successful ecommerce sites. These real time clocks show how much time a customer has left to complete a certain action or access certain pricing or shipping options, like a sale or next-day shipping.

Countdown timers are simple but effective. The image of time running out is a powerful psychological motivator and can make the difference for a customer who can’t decide whether or not to buy.

The image of time running out is a powerful psychological motivator.

IntuitSolution’s Countdown to Same Day Shipping is a great way to incorporate a countdown incentive into your BigCommerce store. It appears as a timer on the Product page, displaying the exact amount of time customers have left to get same-day shipping. The merchant sets the time frame (for example, customers have to order before 2pm EST), the days it appears, and what products it appears on.

Countdown to Same Day Shipping
The timer creates a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to buy now.

Upsell Or Cross-Sell Tools

Upsell and cross-sell features are a staple of many of the biggest ecommerce site, including Amazon, whose Frequently Bought Together feature inspired our own. It’s a great way to leverage bundled or related Products, increasing your Average Order Value.

IntuitSolutions’ Frequently Bought Together add-on is inspired by Amazon.

IntuitSolutions’ Frequently Bought Together appears on the Product page as a row of recommended items that a customer can easily add to their order along with the base Product. The merchant selects the Products that will appear in the menu below and also which Products will have the feature itself. Customers can add all recommended items to Cart, or select only the ones they want.

Like all upsell features, the goal is to get customers to spend more without leaving the Product page. It’s a simple and convenient way to get customers to find and purchase items they didn’t know they needed.

Frequently Bought Together
Customers can select which of the Products they want to add to Cart.

Get The Best BigCommerce Add-Ons Today!

See something that strikes your fancy? Call us! Most of our add-ons can be implemented on your site in a matter of a few days.

Not sure what you want? Contact us for a free consultation! IntuitSolutions has add-ons to complement every aspect of an ecommerce business, from merchandising to payment and checkout. Our experts will help you find the best combination of add-ons to improve your UX and boost your conversion rate!

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